Welcome to my worldHello friends!

I hope all is good with you, I am a little under the weather today and spent the morning in bed.  Then I started to feel better so I got up and got showered and dressed and went to visit Mum and Dad.

I think the reason for feeling poorly is that yesterday afternoon I went into town and bought all the National Geographic magazines that I could find in the charity shops.  I didn’t realise how heavy they were until I got about half way home.  I suspect the weight of them hanging off my shoulder has disturbed the alignment of my neck and given me a headache.  Still at least I got some good supplies for cutting up and collaging 🙂

Yesterday evening we had a social get together of Ryde Social Heritage Group including a Murder Mystery.  I had to play the part of a nun (which I wasn’t too pleased about) but at least I wasn’t the victim or perpetrator of the crime!  It was an excellent evening with good food and lovely people.

The spread above is the last page to do in my 6×6 journal and is the inside cover and first page.  It has lots of layers and looks a bit grungey  but I am reasonably happy with it.  The stencil and sprays I used I won on a competition on my friend Caroline Dube’s blog.  Thank you Carolyn!  The only thing left to do now is the cover.  That is always exciting for me and I hope I don’t mess it up.

I am progressing well with the preparations for my workshop, the poster and information sheet are almost finished and I’ve ordered a whole load of new pens for the participants to use on the day.  I have drafted out the instruction leaflet they will be able to take away with them and need to start thinking about what else to include in their welcome pack.

I have to go now, we are having a friend visit us this evening and he has just arrived, so I need to go and be sociable.

See you soon

Big love
AJ 🙂

1 thought on “Welcome!

  1. Love the journal page, so much texture and yumminess! So sorry I have not been by your blog in ages, i sort of fell out of blogland as things have been very hectic and stressful. I have read right through and caught up, loads of lovely pages and it sounds like your workshop is coming along fine…strange, mine is supposed to be in April as well but I have not had a lot of discussion with the organisers and am a little unsure of whats required of me! Hope you and your husband are feeling better, we had a nasty flu/bronchitus thingy which lasted weeks and knocked me right off my feet. Big love, Sam x

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