About Me

A little bit about me … I’m English and live on the Isle of Wight which is off the south coast of England.   I am in my mid-50s and I’m married to the love of my life.  We have been together for 40 years but only got married 4 years ago. For 36 years we were just getting to know each other 🙂

We have had an amazing life together, travelled to distant parts of the world and lived life to the full.  Sometimes when we look back at our life together we say “Wow!  did we really do all that stuff?!”

My husband is a musician and DJ and everyday our house is filled with music.  Me,  I’m much more of a visual person, I love photography and images and now, of course, I love art journalling.

We have never had any children, but for the past year have been the proud parents to two beautiful Bengal cats called Bill & Jack (after Bill Burroughs and Jack Kerouac).

I’m also interested in local history and I am chairman of this group: RSHG

Want to know anything else?  Just ask 🙂

Big love


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lovely blog and OMG I think you live just round the corner from me! I grew up with our back garden overlooking the cemetry! So nice to discover another art journaler a stones throw from me! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and letting me know you are a fellow Isle of Wighter! x

    • Thanks Alison, it’s my bedtime here in the UK but next time I’m over on the 21 Secrets website I’ll find you and perhaps we can be friends? That would be cool.
      Big love

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  3. Hello AJ,
    I’m a brand developer working with food & drink brands – please have a look at http://www.richskitchen.com.
    I have a project that I’d like to ask you about where we need some illustration for the labels and branding; if this sounds like it may be of interest would you mind sending me your email address to rich@richskitchen.com? I can then send you some more details.
    Thank you, Richard

  4. Je suis contente de faire ta connaissance, malheureusement, je ne parle pas anglais, mais j’arrive à traduire avec le traducteur automatique. J’aime énormément ce que tu fais, même si je n’arriverai jamais à réaliser ce que tu fais, je me contenterai d’admirer et peut être un jour j’arriverai à créer quelque chose. Amitié

    • Bonjour, je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre beau message, malheureusement, je ne peux pas parler français, malgré le fait que certains de ma famille proche sont français, donc je suis en utilisant Google translate, j’espère que cela a du sens? J’ai regardé votre blog et votre œuvre est belle. Big love AJ 🙂

  5. Dear AJ – I went nuts when I saw your August 2013 art journal about dreams and Native American saying. Please! How can I get a copy of this, like a poster?

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks so much for your kind comment, I am sorry but at the moment you cannot purchase my art, but I will be looking into this so check back towards the end of the year. Thanks again AJ 🙂

  6. AJ really beautiful art! I wonder if you would be interested in doing a ‘bloghop’? artists write a little about the person who nominated them and then answer a few questions about their own work (and then nominate two other artists to carry the blog hop on) – the idea being that artists are introduced to each other’s work. Here’s an example.
    Anyway let me know, I would love for you to participate but understand you have a lot on your plate. (btw, I’m English too, living in Barcelona) Looking forward to having a look around your super inspiring blog xx

    • Hello Jenny, thanks for your message and I’m sorry for the delay in responding. I’m sorry but I would prefer not to participate in the blog hop. I’ve checked out your awesome and positive website and become a follower. I visited Barcelona about 10 years ago for a couple of weeks and I love it there, great art and inspiration. I think you and I are on similar journeys – creating art and trying to become better people along the way, and you know what, I reckon we are both doing fine. Big love from me AJ ❤

      • Thank you AJ, that’s great to hear! No worries about the bloghop. totally understand. Big love back to you and looking forward to reading and looking at more of your wonderful art xx

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