Being Human

These are the pages I created to illustrate Dr Amy Johnson‘s book Being Human.  The book is available on and Amazon UK.  The paperback version shows all my images except the cover in black and white, but the Kindle edition (also available on Amazon) shows them in colour.

The cover image:

Being Human


You don’t have to believe everything you think:


She made up a story


Revel in the experience of being alive:




Revel in the experience of being alive


Paint your future:



Paint your Future


You always bounce back:


You're Always Bounced Back


Life works like nature:


Life Works Like Nature


No-one is truly mean:


No One is Truly Mean


Your problems are not necessarily real:


What's the problem?


Look without yesterday’s filter:


Without Yesterday's Filter


My images are just a small part of what I believe is a great book, and I will be forever grateful to Amy for allowing me to be part of it.

Big love

AJ 🙂

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