Fruit of the Tree of Life

Fruit of the Tree of LifeHello friends!

Greetings on a very cold day in the UK!  I’m dreaming of being somewhere warm right now.   To be honest that will probably just be an early night in a warm bed snuggled up with a cat!   Before we adopted our two cats we used to go away on holiday in February to somewhere warm (usually the tropical paradise of Tobago) and I am missing that winter sunshine now.  We can’t go on holiday now because my husband won’t hear of ‘the boys’ being put ‘in prison’ just so we can get away, and I do think they would be very upset it we did that to them. Oh, but I could really do with some sunshine right now.  Still, spring can’t be far away can it?

Here is another page inspired by the wonderful Teesha Moore, I hope you like it 🙂

We are off to chilly London for an overnight stay at the weekend, our friend Matt is coming to cat sit for us, I’ll try and post on my blog when I get back if I’m not too tired.

Stay warm and safe people

Big love

AJ 🙂




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