The first of the Adirondak Colorwash messes ;-)

Hello friends

Hope everyone is well & happy.

A while back I bought 4 bottles of Adirondak Colourwah sprays – Lettuce, Expresso, Wild Plum and Cranberry.  I was so excited to use them, probably over-excited, but all that happened was that I created a big, big mess.  This is the first spread I created using the Colorwash sprays and I mainly used Lettuce and Expresso with a touch of Cranberry:

Still without any stencils I used some more precut paper,  this time it was cut with big swirls.  In the end I did quite like how the spread turned out, it has a kind of surreal feel to it which is why I put the quote “It started out like any ordinary day”  Have you ever had days like that when everything starts out normal but things just get stranger and stranger?  No! well maybe it’s just me then. 😉

It took a lot of work before I was even slightly happy with the pages, there are layers and layers of paint, paper, gesso and stamping.  I can’t remember where most of the collaged images came from –  this is the troube with creating pages and then not putting them online until some time later, if I was organised I would keep a note of how each spread was made as this would help me to learn, I could give credit to others where it’s due and explain my process, but if you knew me you would realise that’s never going to happen, because ‘organised’ is not an adjective anyone would use to describe me!

I do know where the image of the Cheshire cat came from though, it’s from the Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland Collection. I bought 2 sheets of that paper when I purchased the colorwash sprays.  I had to take a deep breath before I could bring myself to cut into that beautiful paper.  I’ve always loved the Alice books and the image fitted in with the surreal feel to the pages.

Big love


8 thoughts on “The first of the Adirondak Colorwash messes ;-)

  1. It might have started as a mess, but you certainly rescued it. If you hadn’t confessed, no one would have ever known. You have made great use of your collaged images.

  2. This is so cool…I love it!! No stencils? I’m so impressed! I love the colors, the images, the way you put it all together. I’m glad you kept working at it because it looks just great! I’d be so proud to say I created this. Guess I’ll have to settle with knowing who did. xxo

  3. I too love the Adironak color washes. They are so vibrant even when working on multiple layers. The way you left the light cream around the cat/on the guy really draws the eye around your pages.

  4. Hi AJ! Thanks so much for your lovely message. Everything is fine, I’m keeping posted of your WONDERFUL progress and marvelous pages you are making by my subscription to your blog that I receive directly to my email.
    I need to do some art..I’m needing it SO BAD! But fortunately for my new food business, and unfortunately for my passion for art, I had been to busy to keep my art blog. I had been not doing any art at all..and I MISS IT badly! At least, before I go to sleep I go and catch up with the wonderful creation all of you are doing, and at least looking your art, it fulfill my soul with art too. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work and inspirations. I can’t belive yet that you were new to this short time ago, you are GREAT! Don´t follo my steps and keep going in that beatiful journey. If you want to check it out, my new blog is: It’s another way of art..the art of cooking! 🙂


    • Thank you Adriana, I really appreciate your kind words. I’m the opposite to you. The art is taking over my life at the expense of other things. I checked out your blog and it looks fabulous, very tempting 🙂
      My husband is the chef in our household, he’s a great cook, whereas I can barely boil an egg! Anyway I can see that you are creative with food and that is just as much an art as messing about with paint. Wishing you every success.
      Big love

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