The Second of the Colorwash messes

For this spread I used the Wild Plum and Cranberry sprays and the Papermania Birdsong cut paper as a stencil.  I really made a horrible mess on the page,  just a big purple splodge, nothing pretty about it at all.   So to try and retrieve it I cut some of the paper I had used as the stencil and collaged it on top.  The purple colour made me think of Purple Haze and Jimi Hendrix so I found a picture of Jimi and collaged it onto the page and I tore some pink tissue paper to collage over the top of that.  I used a really cheap, in fact it may have been free, foam craft stamp of a star, and then I wrote one of the verses from the song in white to finish it off.

To be honest in the whole journal I think visually, it’s my least favourite spread, but nevertheless it does say something important to and possibly about me…

… when I was 15 years old I saw Jimi Hendrix play live at the Isle of Wight Festival just a few weeks before his tragic death at the age of 27.  I was at that massive festival (about 65,000 people) on my own!  I think my brother, who was 17, and I lied to my parents and said we were going together, but of course he really didn’t want his baby sister hanging around and cramping his style.  So there I was wide eyed and innocent and all on my own.  My mum would have had a fit if she had known!  Anyway I came to no harm and I was close to the stage when Jimi was playing.   Always when I hear the opening riff of Purple Haze it takes me back to my youth.  Around about that time I met and fell in love with a boy, my soul mate – I still love him today.

5 thoughts on “The Second of the Colorwash messes

  1. Love this one! It’s funny how a song can bring back certain memories.

    I don’t have the cranberry colorwash, but I do have the wild plum. I have always found it hard to work with. It is so dark and it will ghost through layer after layer.
    Hugs, Mary

    • Thank you Mary, I got a bit dispondent with this page, but kept working at it and I think the end result was OK, but the good thing was the memories it brought back of my mis-spent youth 🙂
      Big love

  2. Your least favorite, huh? I think it’s fabulous! It’s so….shall I say “Hendrix”? I love the colors, love the words, and love the picture. I’m jealous that you saw him in person, you lucky girl, but OMG how scarey was that!!


    • Thanks Eileen, yes seeing Hendrix was awesome, in fact the whole festival was pretty amazing and eye-opening for a 15 year old. It was the start of many years of anguish for my poor parents. I did lots of things that they would never have approved of, but I was never a bad girl, I just had lots of fun and lots of amazing experiences 😉
      I left my parents home when I was 17 and when I was just 18 I went off with my boyfriend on an overland trip to India. Good times 🙂
      Big love

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