French Connection

I do have a French connection, one of my brothers married a French girl and they live near Paris with their family.  I’ve never visited France though even though I always love to see my brother and his family when they visit England.  We had French lessons when I was at school, but I didn’t get on with it very well so I can’t even speak basic French, I’m a typical Brit and can only speak English!  Shame on me, my brother and his family are all bi-lingual.

This spread came about because I wanted some script on my pages and I haven’t got a script rubber stamp.  I found this hand written letter in French on the internet and then found images that I thought would compliment it.  For the background I used various shades of blue acrylic and water colour and stamped over it with white ink.   I don’t think you can see it online, but the lady from the Folies Bergeres was coloured in with glitter pen and on the page she really sparkles.  I quite like the effect but I think I need to try and find a way to lighten my pages, they all look too dark to me.

5 thoughts on “French Connection

  1. I think these are lovely! I always think my pages are too dark but I honestly don’t think yours are. The colors are all so bright and clear. I guess we’re proof that we are our own worst critics. Beautifully done!

  2. Hi AJ. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. you have such beautiful journal entries. i love the intensity of the blue colour that you’ve used here. i haven’t been art journalling for a long time enven though there’s like only 3 more pages to go before the last page. i’m very busy with assignments, teaching part time and deadlines nowadays. Love your art journal entries. and also, Thank you for watching my YT vids. Glad that you’re inspired;)
    Peace and Luv

    • Thank you July, don’t worry I know all about being busy, but you are a very talented young lady and your YT videos were truly inspiring. One day you’ll finish that journal 🙂
      Big love

  3. I love how you use words in your pages! The script is perfect. I like the darker areas – it lets the lighter elements shine – the patterns in the background, the ephemera, and her face.

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