Make my dreams come true

Today is another chance

I’m not sure if the image of the Gold Dust Twins is really politically correct so just wanted to say I mean no offence, I had never seen this American advertising before, it’s from the late 1800s/early 1900s, and I just liked the image of the two children juggling the plates.

I’ve been watching lots of YouTube and Ustream videos made about mixed media and art journals and I am blown away by the talent and creativity of so many people, they are really inspiring.  However I have become aware that watching these videos is also making me want more and more things, I’ve been thinking “I’ve got to have this and I’ve got to have that, how can I do art journaling if I haven’t got all these things”.  But now I’ve decided that I really need to try and be creative with what I’ve got, and use what’s around me or what I can find.  I have a few paints, stamps, papers, pens and a few basic masks and stencils so I will just have to make do with those until I can get to a decent craft store (there isn’t one anywhere near where I live) or go online when I can afford to buy stuff.  I will have to buy more gesso fairly soon but apart from that my challenge to myself is ‘Let’s see what you can do with what you’ve got’.

This spread uses a Tim Holtz mask I purchased, some advertising images from the web, a white paper border I found in my craft box, some acrylic and water colour paints.

5 thoughts on “Make my dreams come true

  1. your pages are just LOVELY!! I feel better that I’m not the only one that feel like I need to have so much stuff in order to create.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    • Thank you for your kind comment, I looked at your blog and I love that you are combining two passions – good food and art. It’s going to make a fabulous journal (or journals) And I love that you are using your boxes to make your journal 🙂
      Big love

  2. The bold journaling on your pages is such a great element! It just guides my eyes around your art. I love to buy the new stuff, but it often creates too many choices for me. Sometimes being “limited” by what I have on hand or by a time deadline pushes me in directions that I wouldn’t have gone with results I quite like.

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