The Journey

Page 16Page 17This spread combines two passions – art & history.  I wanted the pages to have an aged and vintage look.  The background for both pages are old maps, the first page has an old map of London and the Thames and the second page has a very ancient map (a copy) of the island where I live.  The collage images are my attempt to give depth to the pages, while also prettying them up, the piece in the corner of the second page is an extract from a story I found on Google Books.  Sketches of a pedestrian in the Isle of Wight was published in the New Monthly Magazine in 1816 and tells of a walking holiday on the Isle of Wight at a time when there were few roads and many of the small towns, villages and hamlets were fairly isolated.   The story is serialised in the magazine over a number of months but unfortunately is not complete.  I have transcribed all of the episodes that were in a magazine to put into a folder for my local history group.

I realised a few days ago that some of the images in recent post has been resized incorrectly when I saved them for the web.  The images look a little ‘squarer’ than they should do, but as I didn’t notice for a while I won’t be resizing them.  In future though I will keep the pages to the correct dimensions.

Big love


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