Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Hello friends

How are you?  I really hope all is good.

I’ve had a wonderful weekend, the weather has been very springlike and sunshine always raises my spirits.

Friday evening I attended a quiz at the local library with a bunch of friends.  We didn’t do very well at the quiz but we had loads of fun and a fish & chip supper.

On Saturday morning we had the quarterly meeting of the local history group and that was really enloyable.  I gave my Chairman’s report first and then a few other people from the group gave their reports and the meeting was concluded with an interesting talk about a hotel in Ryde that was demolished in the 1930s.  Afterwards a few of us went out for lunch.

When I got back home I decided to cut the grass in the back garden.  Unfortunately the lawn mower died just as I finished so I don’t know when it will be cut again.  I just don’t feel like paying out for a new mower just yet.

Today T has been working in the garden and I decided to start tiling the kitchen walls.  Yes the kitchen is almost finished now – there is still that one cupboard to build and hang on the wall and the tiles (which I bought last week).  The kitchen is looking good but until the tiles are put up it won’t be finished.  Unfortunately there was so much preparation to do on the walls that I haven’t managed yet to put one tile up today!  We did manage to get the splashback (which T insists on calling the ‘flashback’) up. Next weekend we have 4 days off work so the kitchen should be finished by the time we go back to work on Tuesday. (But don’t hold me to that)!

This afternoon I have been for a walk in the cemetery with a friend and visited Mum and Dad.

So all is good with me 🙂

The page above is from my Teesha Moore inspired ‘Amazing 16 page journal’.  I’m really pleased with how this one turned out. I like the colours and the quote, and I’ve always been attracted by the Wild Side 🙂

I’ve posted the image below before, but I’m reposting it again today.

When someone shows you who they are

I made this page in response to some nastiness that was going on in my life, if you are interested you can read the post here.

I am posting it again today to remind myself what a valuable lesson I learnt from a very nasty, stressful and difficult time. Something similar happened recently but this time my reaction was different. Eventually the ‘story’ being told about me got back to me, but this time I just laughed. I’ve grown, I’m happy and confident with who I am, if people want to believe lies about me, then it’s really none of my business. As Gandhi said “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet”.

Have a great week everyone

Big Love

AJ 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Take a Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Well done AJ – the Universe often tests us to see if we have learned the lesson and if you laughed, you really have! I love this quote “People will love you, people will hate you and it all has nothing to do with you”

    The ‘Wild Side’ page is really wild! – Love it 🙂

    • Thanks Pauline and thanks for the quote. It’s really interesting how my art practice and using positive quotes helps to ‘set’ those messages into my soul and lets me grow. Always good to hear from you lovely lady. Big love from me and my boys to you and Orlando 🙂

  2. Hi AJ – Just to say that I have had repeated bouts of unwellness and still haven’t been into the library in Ventnor to make the donation to cover your course, but I will – hopfully within the coming week.

    I love your Gandhi quote – perfect. I had a terrible time 12-18 months ago that falls into the same category of utter unpleasantness, and have put all concerned very definitely out of my life. It’s the only way. Sometimes I still do allow their dirty feet to walk through my mind, but at least now I try my best to turf them out!

    On the topic of the local history group, my latest blogpost relates to one of my WW1 stories. If you get chance, have a quick read and let me know if this is the sort of thing you’re looking for, for the WW1 project.

    Happy Easter! x

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