Live, Love, Laugh!

Live, Love, Laugh

Hello friends!

I am sorry I’ve been missing for a while, but things got crazy and difficult here for a few days.

So who was it that had the brilliant idea of putting in a new kitchen!????

It’s supposed to be finished by now isn’t it, but it’s not!

Last weekend (Easter) we spent three whole days tiling, but were making very slow progress.  T was clearly struggling all weekend and by Sunday afternoon it was obvious he was becoming very unwell.  He has Bipolar disorder but it is controlled by medication and he has been well for several years now.  I think the stress of the never-ending work in the kitchen, and the mass of other jobs that are being left while we are doing the work, triggered an episode. Things got really difficult for a while.

On Monday I let him rest and carried on tiling on my own.  I would say that now two thirds of the tiling is complete and it looks great, but I’ve no idea when the last third will get done. The last cupboard has been built but still has to be hung on the wall.  So not a great deal of progress since the last time I wrote.  I am going to be busy with other stuff now right up until the end of May.  So perhaps it will get done in the Summer now, or perhaps we will just live with an unfinished kitchen?

By Monday afternoon it was obvious that T needed more than rest so I phoned for medical help and I was lucky that someone from the Mental Health team agreed to come and visit us at home and bring some medication.  After that things began to calm down and T’s mood (which had been deep despair and agitation) began to lift.

So that’s why I’ve not been around and haven’t had any time for making art either!

The page above is a page I did at the Art Journaling workshop I taught on 29 March.  It didn’t come out quite as I expected.  I had spent most of the day trying to reassure the workshop participants that you can’t really do anything wrong in art journaling and if you make a mistake it can usually be fixed, Everyone was quietly working away happily.

My page originally had a black and white image of the face of a pretty girl cut from a magazine and for some reason I decided to colour it in with Copic Marker pen.  Big MISTAKE!  it looked truly horrible.  Oh No!  what to do now???  I’ve told everyone you can’t make mistakes and I’ve just made a massive one.  In the end I picked up a white Sharpie poster paint pen and completely blanked out the ruined face and restarted from there.  At the end of the workshop when we did our ‘show and tell session’ I had to explain what happened to my page.  I guess it was a good example though to show people that when things do go wrong the ‘golden rule’ is Don’t Panic just find a workaround.

So that’s how things are with me, I hope all is well with you and I’ll try and be more prompt with my blogging in future.

Big love

AJ 🙂





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5 thoughts on “Live, Love, Laugh!

  1. AJ, you are coping with a lot at the moment and kudos to you for this post having such a positive spin to it! High five girl!! 🙂 It is always challenging when we see our loved ones battling with depression and despair and I am so pleased to read that help was at hand and T is regaining his equilibrium once more! Having a picture perfect kitchen takes second place to being able to live, love and laugh I think too 🙂 And as your art work proves, when things go wrong, there is always a way to make ’em better – provided we keep our wits about us 🙂 Sending much uplifting and cheering thoughts your way xoxo

    • Thank you Pauline, you are such a sweet friend. I am pleased to say things are much improved with T. The outreach team have been fantastic and it’s good to know there is support there when needed. We are taking things a bit easy for the time being, although I am planning on packing up the car with rubbish today and taking it to the tip! Hope all is good with you.

  2. What a very stressful time you have had. I hope things are settling down for you now. I’m glad you found time for creativity though as it can be so calming. I find it difficult to find time or be in the right frame of mind when I’m experiencing acute stress but I do recognize that it’s therapeutic if I can carve out some time for art. Just as you resolved a problem in your art by pushing forward, we can apply the same rule to life.

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