Bouncing Back

You're Always Bounced Back


Hello friends!

It’s been an odd sort of week so far, can’t quite put my finger on how or why though, so I’ll just have to keep going with the flow and see what transpires.

This is number 5 of the 8 illustrations (well actually 9 if you count the cover image) I did for Dr Amy Johnson‘s book Being Human (which is getting closer and closer to publication all the time and I am sooooo excited).  The page is reproduced here with Amy’s permission.

Amy asked me to include some images of her children in the collage elements but I did half the pages before I could pluck up the courage to start messing about with her two charming children. I am not sure why I was so reticent as Amy has been so easy to work for and so accepting of how I interpreted her words with my art, but I knew that inevitably I was going to make her children look ‘strange’ in my artwork and was worried that she, or they, wouldn’t like it.  Anyway half way through the project I realised that I had to take a deep breath and start including the kids.  So this page features Amy’s daughter and son – Willow and Miller – and their little dog.  There are also some other elements from photos Amy sent me.

The children were perfect for this illustration for the section Bouncing Back.  It’s about how, like children, we can all bounce back to our natural well-being when we perceive, or imagine, that things have gone wrong in our lives, as soon as we stop dwelling on the problems.

I have learnt such a lot from doing this project I can’t even begin to tell you how beneficial it has been for me.

Have a great rest of the week.

Big love

AJ 🙂


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