Doodles Unleashed – Playful Printmaking

Hello friends!

Strathmore has some fantastic free online workshops at the moment and I decided to sign up for the wonderful Traci Bautista‘s Doodles Unleashed.

If I was a more disciplined person I wouldn’t have done this because there are other things I really should be doing right now, however, I am a hopeless addict to creativity and I couldn’t resist!  I watched both video turorials for week 1 Playful Printmaking and then created the above image.  It is in a big (12 x 16 inch) Daler Rowney 300 g/m water colour pad.

I was a bit out of my comfort zone creating this page, but I am happy with the way it turned out.  I had to laugh because my husband came into the room while I was working on it, he rarely comments on my art, but he looked at this page and said “Hmmm, that’s very psychedelic”!!  He didn’t say whether he liked it or now though?

Right, let’s see if I can get this report written before I’m tempted to start the second workshop Spontaneous Water Colour Backgrounds, it’s going to be tough so wish me luck 😉

Big love


4 thoughts on “Doodles Unleashed – Playful Printmaking

  1. Yea–psychedelic doodles! You’ve got some great colors and shapes going on there — I love it. Can’t wait to see what the watercolor exercises bring–I’ve watched week two’s video, but haven’t started yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

  2. Energy – that is so what came to my mind when I saw it! I have started that video 2 or 3 times and each time within a minute something pulls me away. You know the repair guy at the door finally, the kid needs a ride because her father isn’t home yet, etc. Yours looks like it was such fun to make!

  3. The first week’s videos for that class were the last ones I got to watch since Traci posted them early. I did like some of her ideas for the starting the background, but the finished product has defeated me so far. I like what you did, especially the colors.
    Hugs, Mary

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