Beautiful Dreamer

Hello friends!

Oh my I’m getting behind with so much stuff as I am trying to do too much.  I have loads of outstanding actions for my history group, so many it’s almost overwhelming me, and I want to get as much as I can out of 21 Secrets before it closes at the end of the year.  I am really enjoying the workshops on offer there, some of them are taking me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and that can only be good.  As well as that I have several other projects on the go which will be Christmas presents for a few of my friends.  If only I didn’t have to spend so much time at work!  But that’s what pays the mortgage and bills (and for craft supplies) so it’s necessary at the moment.

I am really pleased with this spread Beautiful Dreamer,  It has lots of layers – acrylic paint, Inktense, scrapbook paper and that lovely handmade paper I am so fond of using, bird and birdcage stamps, a stencilled flower and the pink dots are from some strange, cheap little pens I bought called Pretty Color.  I don’t know what the colour (English spelling) is made from but even after a day it was still wet on the page.  In the end I used some clear sparkly embossing powder on the top which seemed to work.  You can’t really see it on the image but the pink dots are now very shiney (and thankfully dry to the touch) 🙂

I have decided that I need to dream and day-dream much more and about the good things I want in my life.  I want to imagine wonderful things that could and might happen.  Only good can come of this, so Beautiful Dreamer is an appropriate title for today’s spread.   I hope you like it.

This month is Art Every Day Month, but to be honest with you I do that anyway and I don’t need a special month to motivate me to make art, what I need is more time, possibly a bit more money for more supplies might help too 😉   Art is pretty much the first thing I do when I get up in the morning and last thing I do before going to bed at night.  As I said before I make art in my pyjamas.   Since I started art journaling and getting into the creative flow I just can’t stop myself.   When I am at work, if I am on the phone or attending boring business meetings (I don’t think I have ever attended a meeting that that kept my attention engaged for the whole of the time), I am usually doodling (I don’t think my boss is very impressed, but hey, I do my job OK so he can’t complain).

Hope all is well with you and you are all creating wonderful things, I check a lot of your blogs so I know you are.

Big love


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreamer

  1. Great plan for the day dreaming of good things you want! Love the layers & the colors. I just got a box of Inktense recently and love it. My plain old regular watercolor pencils are feeling abandoned…

  2. Oops, I meant return to post a comment here days ago. I’m glad I came to double check if I did. I really like the colors you have used in your pages above. I love the cute little birds and the birdcages. Have fun with 21 Secrets. I can understand that you want to get as much out of it as possible. I can sure understand arting in your pajamas as I do it nearly every morning. LOL

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