Live the Life…

Hello friends I hope everyone is fine 🙂

Here is another spread from my first journal.  What I really like about this spread is the way the letters, and the bird in particular, seem to lift off the page, all done with just a bit of shadowing and highlighting.

The theme follows on from my previous post and is about me changing and attracting into my life good things.  I truly feel things are slowly but surely changing for the better.

The spread has the usual textured gesso ground with lots of layers of acrylic paint, stamping and paper.  I used some scans of old newspapers my history group had used for research, printed them out on matt photo paper and then aged it with tea and distress inks,  I then tore pieces of the print to add to the page.  The ephemera is from a packet of goodies I bought at Hobbycraft in the UK and is made by K & Co.

I have a new love in my life at the moment and it’s ‘ModPodge’.  I’ve been using it to cover some plain boxes with collage.  The boxes will contain some small some gifts I am making for some friends for Christmas.  I LOVE the ModPodge, even if it does smell a bit strange, the finish is soooo smooth and lovely.  I bought it when I was in America. It is available in some shops local to where I live but I’ve never bought any before because it always seemed far too expensive.  Then when I was in LA I asked my friend to take me to ‘Once Upon a Page’ in Burbank, it’s the nearest craft shop to where she lives in the Hollywood Hills.  It’s mainly a scrapbooking store and was a treasure-trove of goodies for me.  There were loads and loads of lovely papers so many it was hard to make a choice but eventually I managed.  I also bought some distress inks, chipboard pieces, some fauxphemera, a few stamps, the lovely ModPodge and a few more bits and pieces.  I probably went a bit over the top but I was on holiday and I had very little opportunity to spend any money during my visit so I thought it was OK to splash out on supplies. Besides I’m an addict and I just can’t stop myself.

That’s all for now folks

See you soon

Big love


7 thoughts on “Live the Life…

  1. Love this! I think it is one of the best pages you have done. Those letters just popped off the page as soon as the image appeared on my screen. I also love the colorful background you created.

    • Thank you Cat, it’s funny I’ve never liked shopping of any kind until I started art journaling and now I can’t walk past a craft shop without popping in to see if they have something useful, and of course they always do 🙂 I’m also now a keen rummager in charity (thrift) shops and car boot sales. I’ll need a bigger house soon!
      Big love

  2. Great idea to create the vintage newspaper with your scans! I never would have known that it wasn’t the actual vintage newspaper. There is so much goodness in your pages here – the lifting letters, the bright green (my favorite shade right now), and such a great message!

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