Your Heart is as Big as an Ocean

Your Heart is as Big as an Ocean


Hello friends!

This is the last spread in my board book experiment.  I just have the cover to do and it’s finished 🙂  It’s been an interesting experiment: I started off with a child’s board book and stripped off the wipe-able shiny paper which left me with a plain cardboard book.  I gessoed the pages and let that dry before painting the backgrounds with acrylic paint.

The background is quite rough and scratchy, not smooth like watercolour paper, and it’s not so easy to collage on, and always get a good fix. or to write on.  On the other hand I like it because when it’s complete it’s going to be a good sturdy book.  There are only 5 spreads in the book, so it has been quick to fill up (at least it would have been if it was the only project I was working on).

So, to be honest I didn’t reach any definite conclusion from the experiment. 🙂

I really like this spread, I think the colours work and, as I am sure I’ve said before, I really love underwater stuff.  I recently found a book about tropical fish in a charity shop and it’s been great collage fodder.

For me the collage is really like a canvas.  I like the collage because I can’t draw and collage gives me some shapes and structure to work with.  My favourite bit is playing with pens – altering and embellishing what’s on the page.  Sometimes I just get ‘in the zone’ and there is no thought about what I’m doing other than ‘playing with pens’, that’s when magic sometimes happens :-).

The quote is by Rumi (who always makes my heart sing)

The DIY project is progressing slowly, we’ve made some progress, but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.  The construction is no problem at all, but understanding the instructions is taking some working out, like when you are given two completely different sets of measurements to work to which should you go with!?  Still it’s all cool, we’ll get there – eventually.

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂




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