It’s been a good day :-)

A Good Day


Hello friends!

I hope all is good with you.  I didn’t post mid week because for some reason my mood flat-lined on Wednesday and I had no motivation.  It didn’t really worry me because I knew it would pass, and it has.

I have had quite a productive weekend, yesterday I did loads of housework then spent the rest of the day cutting up magazines and making collage pieces for my new 16 page Teesha Moore inspired journal.  I also managed to throw out the stack of magazines after I had cut them up, so that has made a little more space in my art room.

Today has been sunny so I finally got out for a walk.  My aim was to walk on a deserted beach and I went to Binstead to walk on Players Beach, there is hardly ever anyone there, but when I got to Binstead the tide was in and I wasn’t able to walk very far.  I tried going up into the woods, but it was very muddy and the path was blocked by a fallen tree.

Here are some photos I took while I was out.

01 Stream-alongside-the-footpath 02 Footpath-to-the-beach 03 Binstead-Beach 04 Beach-at-Binstead 05 Beach-at-Binstead-1 06 Broken-Pier-at-Binstead-taken-from-the-woods 07 Tree-on-the-Golf-Course-at-Binstead-taken-from-the-woods 08 Gulls-on-a-broken-pier


Still it was nice to be beside the sea and out in the fresh air.

Afterwards I visited my friend Razzle’s grave in the local churchyard, he died in a motor accident in 1984 aged just 24.  When ever I am in the area I visit his grave and say hello, it’s been a long time but we still miss him.

As the sea at Binstead was preventing me from walking along the beach I got back in the car and drove to Appley and took a longer walk along the beach there.  There were lots of people about as it’s a popular place but it wasn’t crowded and I came home with a few stones in my pocket which I am going to try and paint.

After the walk I went to see Mum and Dad for a cuppa and a chat.

Oh, and apparently today is my wedding anniversary, I didn’t remember until T told me this morning.  Seven years ago today just before sunset we got married on Mount Dillon overlooking Castara Bay in beautiful, sunny Tobago.  I wish I was there now soaking up the hot sunshine and chillin’ with the locals.  Prior to that we had been together for for 37 years so it wasn’t something we rushed into 🙂

The page above is another from my Mandala book.

Have a good week friends and I’ll see you all soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂



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