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We are Visitors

Hello friends

I’m a day late this week because, well because…

My week started off as usual, pretty boring really.  At work people were moaning about it ‘only being Monday’ and we ‘have the whole week ahead of us’, but I knew it would soon pass, I didn’t want to be miserable for the whole week so I was trying to make the most of my week.

Then my week suddenly got ‘interesting’

On Tuesday lunchtime I went out for my usual walk.  When I got back to the office I had 4 missed calls from T so I called him back.  He was very worried as my Mum had phoned left a message on the answerphone saying “Oh you’re not there, never mind, I had a message for you”.  He said she sounded worried and he had been trying to phone her back but could get no reply from her house phone or mobile.  What should he do?

I told him not to worry as there was nothing he could do and if it was important she would phone back.

About an hour and half later he phoned me again “I knew there was something wrong” he said.  He had just found out that Dad had fallen over in the street and been taken to hospital.  I left work early and went to the hospital.  Dad looked a mess, his face was swollen, he had tapes over his left eye which was red and swollen closed.

No-one knows what happened except he fell over and into the road (fortunately he was not hit by a car), bashed his head on the road and knocked himself out.  He was unconscious for about 3 minutes.  Someone called an ambulance which arrived very quickly.

They had been out shopping together and Mum had called into a clothes shop, Dad didn’t want to go in there so he walked on alone.  About 10 minutes later Mum was making her way home on her mobility scooter and saw an ambulance at the side of the road.  As she passed by she looked over to see her husband being carried on a stretcher and almost passed out herself.  A kindly policeman looked after her scooter so she could accompany Dad in the ambulance.

By the time I got to the hospital (about 3 hours after them) my brother and his wife were already there. Mum looked as white as a sheet and Dad looked like he’d been badly beaten up.  They did lots of tests on Dad and eventually said he could go home.  My brother thought he should be kept in overnight and was quite persistent about that, but I thought Dad would actually prefer to go home.

Anyway it all looks pretty bad but ‘tough old boy’ that he is he’s OK.  He has a black eye, bump on his head and a cracked rib, he’s going to be sore for a few days but will eventually be OK.  He’s not allowed out for at least a week and then he’s not to go out on his own.  How anyone is going to stop him from doing that I can’t imagine because he loves his independence and doesn’t want anyone fussing around him.

We went to visit yesterday after I got home from work and he is looking much better, but his cracked rib is aching and his eye is very black and bruised.   By the time we got home I had a terrible headache and went to bed early.

Maybe in future I’ll settle for the boring stuff without complaining.

The page above is the last page of my 5th Teesha Moore inspired journal.  The quote is an aboriginal proverb which I really like.

Note to self ‘I must start doing some more collage journals soon’ but I need to get the Christmas presents sorted out first!

I hope you all have a good week and if you are in this part of the world I hope you keep warm because it’s getting distinctly ‘chilly’ now.  I’ll be sleeping in pyjamas AND bed socks for the next several months.

Big love

AJ 🙂

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