Travel the Universe

Travel the Universe

Hello friends

I’m back!  I hope you are all fine, happy and following your creative flow.

Finally on Friday we had the water and gas reconnected in our new kitchen (we were almost a month without that luxury) and things are slowly getting back to normal again. Prior to that we had a few set backs and problems which we thought were going to cost a lot of money to sort out, but eventually our fantastic plumber worked it out and managed to do the job fairly quickly so hopefully his bill won’t be too huge when it arrives.

Still to do: build one more cupboard and hang it on the wall, sort out a back for the cupboard under the sink and finally buy tiles and fix them to the wall, then bring all the kitchen stuff that has been stored in T’s room since February back into the kitchen, oh and there will be several trips to the local landfill site to dispose of rubbish and accumulated stuff. I think we are coming to an agreement on which tiles and which colours to use. The kitchen is already looking pretty fabulous but the tiles and backsplash will complete the job. I don’t know if you will be interested but I will show you before and after photos once it’s finally complete. I am NEVER going to do a big job like this again, it has been really hard work and we will both be glad when it’s finally completely finished and actually now that it is almost done it’s a bit of a struggle to keep going and finish it.  Fortunately when things have gone wrong we have managed to keep each other’s spirits up.

The page above is another in my Amazing 16-page journal.  I had loads of fun with this page which is good, because I’m really not sure about the end result. but it is what it is. The quote is by Andre Robillard, a French artist I only discovered recently and whose work I absolutely love.  It may be a little difficult for you to read the words so here is what they say: “An artist is like an astronaut, with your mind you can travel the entire universe”.

I need more time, there are ideas forming in my mind for new projects, but I have too many other projects and commitments at the moment to bring them to fruition.  I guess I’ll just have to write the ideas up in my note book for future reference.

That’s all for now folks, have a great week and I’ll see you soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂


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