It’s been a good day :-)

A Good Day


Hello friends!

I hope all is good with you.  I didn’t post mid week because for some reason my mood flat-lined on Wednesday and I had no motivation.  It didn’t really worry me because I knew it would pass, and it has.

I have had quite a productive weekend, yesterday I did loads of housework then spent the rest of the day cutting up magazines and making collage pieces for my new 16 page Teesha Moore inspired journal.  I also managed to throw out the stack of magazines after I had cut them up, so that has made a little more space in my art room.

Today has been sunny so I finally got out for a walk.  My aim was to walk on a deserted beach and I went to Binstead to walk on Players Beach, there is hardly ever anyone there, but when I got to Binstead the tide was in and I wasn’t able to walk very far.  I tried going up into the woods, but it was very muddy and the path was blocked by a fallen tree.

Here are some photos I took while I was out.

01 Stream-alongside-the-footpath 02 Footpath-to-the-beach 03 Binstead-Beach 04 Beach-at-Binstead 05 Beach-at-Binstead-1 06 Broken-Pier-at-Binstead-taken-from-the-woods 07 Tree-on-the-Golf-Course-at-Binstead-taken-from-the-woods 08 Gulls-on-a-broken-pier


Still it was nice to be beside the sea and out in the fresh air.

Afterwards I visited my friend Razzle’s grave in the local churchyard, he died in a motor accident in 1984 aged just 24.  When ever I am in the area I visit his grave and say hello, it’s been a long time but we still miss him.

As the sea at Binstead was preventing me from walking along the beach I got back in the car and drove to Appley and took a longer walk along the beach there.  There were lots of people about as it’s a popular place but it wasn’t crowded and I came home with a few stones in my pocket which I am going to try and paint.

After the walk I went to see Mum and Dad for a cuppa and a chat.

Oh, and apparently today is my wedding anniversary, I didn’t remember until T told me this morning.  Seven years ago today just before sunset we got married on Mount Dillon overlooking Castara Bay in beautiful, sunny Tobago.  I wish I was there now soaking up the hot sunshine and chillin’ with the locals.  Prior to that we had been together for for 37 years so it wasn’t something we rushed into 🙂

The page above is another from my Mandala book.

Have a good week friends and I’ll see you all soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂



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A wonky Mandala :-)

A wonky MandalaHello friends!

OK so symmetry isn’t everything and I went a bit ‘off centre’ when I drew this one, but I love the colours which are Inktense Watercolours (mainly) and it’s a reflection of my Universe at that time 🙂

I hope your week is going well, I’m back at work now and enjoying my boring job but having some concerns about some of my colleagues who are very stressed by their workloads.

I heard a radio programme about chanting the other day so I thought I would give it a go.  I’m using the Buddhist chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo but I haven’t learnt how you breath and chant at the same time yet – I keep running out of oxygen!  I don’t think it’s supposed to make you light headed is it?  I doubt I will keep it up but for the time being it’s an interesting exercise.

The Mermaid Circus starts next week and I am so excited about it.  I’ve also ordered a copy of Art Journaling magazine because it has 10 pages by Teesha Moore and I just had to have it.  I got an email today telling me it’s on it’s way, so I hope Postie does not delay with the delivery.

I was wondering how I would remember all the stages and all the things I want to share with the participants on my Art Journaling workshop on 27 April, so at the weekend I sat down and drew a map fo the workshop on a sheet of A3 paper.   Of course I am bound to take a few diversions off the map, but if I stick mainly to the route it will all get done in the right order.  Yesterday I ordered the last of the pens I need for the participants to use and they too are on their way to me.  By the time of the workshop I should have 5 journals completed in the style we are using so there should be plenty for people to look at and hopefully get some inspiration from.  I have also made up welcome packs of goodies to give to the people who come along.   So I think I am just about ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll now.  I am feeling slightly nervous and very excited to be running my own workshop.

Hopefully on Monday evening I will get the names of all the people who have enrolled (if not on Monday then it won’t be until Saturday 13 April which is the first time I will be able to get back to the Library).   As soon as I have that information I will contact everyone to share some more information about the event.

I hope you are all having a lovely week and are keeping warm.  It is still cold here and we even had a flurry of snow today.   I keep thinking about that lovely tropical island paradise of Tobago and how much I’d like to be chillin’ out under a palm tree on the beach at Castara Village:

Castara BayIt’s always hot in Tobago and this is about as crowded as the beach at Castara ever gets …. Happy Days 🙂

See you all soon

Big love

AJ 🙂


Caribbean Cool

Caribbean CoolHello friends

I hope you have all had a good weekend, mine has been busy.  Spent the last two days working in the Heritage Centre in the Cemetery helping to set up an exhibition on Royalty and Ryde for our two Open Days next weekend.  There is still quite a lot of work to do but nevertheless we made good progress and it will all look good.   Now we just have to hope some people turn up to make it worthwhile.

The spread above is about my wedding on February 2 2007, I’ve written about that event before so I won’t bore you with the details again, except to say that I absolutely love the Island of Tobago and in particular the quiet fishing village of Castara.  Our wedding was just before sunset on top of Mount Dillon overlooking beautiful Castara Bay, it was perfect.

To make the spread I first covered the pages completely with images cut from magazines, all the images were predominently an intense blue – the colour of the Caribbean sea, then I lightly gesso’d over the top, stamped and stencilled in red, yellow and green also colours of the Caribbean, and blue fishes.  Then I added three images;  the ‘Welcome to Paradise’ sign was on a tree outside Cascreole beach bar (where we had supper after our wedding), one image is of the wedding party – two locals, Susan and Horace Jackson (Horace was one of the witnesses), me, T and the lovely minister Brent Hart, the photo was taken by Paul T’s best man.  There was no-one else there.  The third photo is of one of the many beautiful sunsets you can see from the beach at Castara.  The blue heart is a die cut baby wipe I had used to wipe some blue paint.

This spread makes me happy.

It’s my Dad’s 90th birthday on Wednesday and we are going out for a meal to celebrate that night so I probably won’t be able to post anything until next weekend.

I’ll be thinking of you all and I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Big love

AJ 🙂

Revo-lution 2012 – Abundance


Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is well and happy.

I’m sorry I missed my mid-week posting this week, mainly due to the fact that on the day I would have posted my dad wasn’t well and I had to help mum. Fortunately things are improving so I should get back on track again now.

This spread is from my 2012 Revo-lution book and follows on from the last spread about Gratitude.  I love the scratchiness of the page and I love the quote by Wayne Dyer.  We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by advertising telling us of all the things we should have to make our lives better.  But the reality is we don’t need lots of things to make our lives full.

Through much of the 1990s my husband was very ill.  His Bipolar Disorder was out of control until he finally got a correct diagnosis and treatment that helped instead of aggravated the problem.  In 1999 we took a much needed holiday to the beautiful Island of Sunny Tobago.  The choice of Tobago was really random but, as it turned out, could not have been better.  We have come to love this tropical paradise and more especially the people who live there.  In February 2007 we got married there on top of Mount Dillon.  There were six of us at the wedding, The Minister, our friend Paul, Horace and Susan Jackson (two local friends), Tony and me.  Tony wore shorts & a tee-shirt and I wore a Sarong.  To my great surprise (as,to be honest, I really couldn’t see the point of getting married after 34 years of living together) it was a magical day.

Me and MarlonThe very first time we visited the island we met Marlon, a rastafarian.  He climbed up a tree, picked a coconut, cut off the top and gave us the coconut water to drink, it was delicious.  Then we sat and talked for an hour or so (this is known as liming in Tobago and is a very important part of their culture).  He spoke in very lyrical rhyming patois which was difficult to understand at times.  It was clear that he was not a rich man, he lived in a simple wooden house and got work when he could, but for him life was good.  He said “Da sun shine ev’ry day, I have roof over me head, dere’s fish in da sea and fruit on da trees.  What more a man need?  Evr’y t’ing is cool.”  Marlon was totally tuned in to the abundance of his life.  I often look at this photo and think “Yeah right mon – ev’ry t’ing is cool!  We have more than enough, life is good”

Have a good day you all and I’ll be back (hopefully) mid week.

Big love