The Universe Says…

The Universe says...


Hello friends

I hope all is cool with you.  We are having a tropical heatwave!  This weather reminds me so much of Sunny Tobago (which is probably my favourite place in the world).  Oh how I’d love to be “Limin’ wid de locals at Castara Village” right now.  In case you don’t know “Limin'” is the national past time on Tobago and it means hanging out and chatting. Tobagians are the friendliest people I’ve met they are so chilled, even though the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees C.

Gosh what a busy week I’ve had!

On Tuesday I went up to London with three friends from Ryde Social Heritage Group to attend the annual conference of Community Archives & Heritage Group at University College London on Wednesday.  We had a great couple of days and the conference gave us the opportunity to meet with other local historians and professional archivists.  I even felt relaxed and happy giving my 10 minute presentation about the RSHG.  A big part of the conference was the presentation of awards and Ryde Social Heritage Group received an award for “Most Inspirational Community Archive”. We are so happy and proud that our little local group has been given this national award.

We didn’t get back from London until late on Wednesday night and then it was back to work for me on Thursday and Friday.  No-one does my work while I’m away so I had to try and cram in 4 days worth of work into 2 days.  I was only partially successful but as I made a decision a while ago that I was not going to allow work to stress me out at going home time on Friday I just switched off (computer and work head) and came home.

On Friday evening I had to prepare a presentation to give at Ryde Social Heritage Group’s quarterly meeting.

On Saturday we had the quarterly meeting and it was my pleasure to report to the members that we had received a national award for being Inspirational.  After the business of the meeting we had a fascinating talk by a guest speaker on Life in Roman Britain. Afterwards most of the committee went out for lunch but I had other things to do so couldn’t join them.  I hear they had a great time though.

Also this week I have started work on an exciting project which I won’t be able to tell you about until after the summer.  It is going to be fun and rewarding for me though :-)

The page above is another from my fourth Teesha inspired journal.  I don’t really like the lettering on this page, but I do like the colours and the words.

I hope you all have a great week.

Big love

AJ :-)


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Peace from within

Peace from withinHello friends!

It’s mid-week and I thought it was time for another mandala from my little book of Wisdom Circles.

There is definitely something calming and centering about drawing mandalas.  If you have never tried it, give it a go.  You start from the centre point and you work your way out and around from that point.

A mandala is a map of your universe and of your life, its central point represents you, surrounded by the cosmic maelstrom that is the world you live in, the mandala is a joyful expression of your life and work.  Any time you can tune in to the universe it’s bound to be good for you.

Oooh I seem to have gone a bit deep and mystical with this post.

Have a good week my friends and I’ll see you soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂