A Woman of Strength!

Woman of Strength for blog

Hello friends

It’s funny I’ve picked this image for today’s post because today I’m not feeling strong at all.  I’m so tired right now I could go to bed and not get up until tomorrow!

It is self inflicted though, yesterday we had the first LGTB Pride event ever in our county and it took place on the beach in the town where I live.  It was really fantastic.  We left home at about 10am and at 11:30 we got to see the parade after it had been through the town and was making it’s way along the Esplanade.


After that we had to join a long queue to get into the main Pride area which included a village of food stalls and information booths, a small entertainment area and a fabulous tea tent where we could get teas served in a teapot and china cups and saucers.  There was some good entertainment in there too.  There was also an arena on the beach for the main entertainment.  The weather was good and everyone was happy it was such a lovely and friendly day.


T was booked to DJ at the After Party that evening in a club on the sea front.  Near to the end of the day we spent a couple of hours at the venue while stuff was being set up and eventually he could have a sound check.  We managed to get home at about 8pm.  Just time to feed the cats, have a short rest and get a bite to eat and then we were back at the club by 10pm.

When we walked in it was a bit like a high school disco, the dance floor was full of young people and there was synchronised dancing going on to YMCA.

T’s set of classic House music started at 10:30 and immediately the dance floor emptied of all the young people, they seemed confused because he wasn’t playing tunes they could sing along to or recognise!  But it soon filled up again with slightly older and more serious clubbers.  I danced all through his set and at 11:30 the next DJ took over and he also played really good House music and we both danced through most of his set.  It was hot in the club and by the end my legs were cramping up.  At 12:30 T said he was tired and we decided to leave.  It was difficult because the DJ just kept playing tunes that I really wanted to dance to, but I had to admit defeat in the end.

The whole Pride event was super fantastic and we are really pleased that we were able to participate in it.

Today we have been taking things easy and tonight I’ll be having an early night!

The image above is a 30″ by 22″ painting reproducing this page from my Warrior Woman art journal:


I don’t feel that the big painting is a good representation of the page in the book this time, but hey, you can’t win ’em all 🙂

And here is another Radiant Warrior mask:


That’s all for now folks, take care of yourselves and I’ll see you soon.

Big love

AJ xxx






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