“What a long strange trip it’s been”

Strange TripHello friends

This is another of those odd pages from my A4 Journal, produced in Tracie Hanson’s Journal Quest workshop over at 21 Secrets.  As you can see I’m really NOT a painter!  When I excavated my painted page all I found was these two odd and weird characters 😐

Do you recognise the quote?  Well you’d probably have to be of my generation and background if you did, it’s a lyric from the song Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead, from their album American Beauty.   It played a significant part in the soundtrack of my life when I was in my late teens and early 20s – and that was waaaaay back in the 1970s!

So anyway I hope life is good for all of you, I am really fine.  I am doing my new job now  and I’m still waiting to find out who to hand over my old job to.  At the moment nothing relating to my old job is getting done, but I’ve decided not to concern myself with that.  There are some good things about the new job – at the moment because I am learning I am very busy, the day passes quickly and I don’t get bored.  My new manager is very supportive and he has spoken to me more times in the last week than my previous manager spoke to me in the past 18 months.  Some people like being left alone, but I prefer to have communication with my manager.  I am happy that he is showing an interest in what I do and how I do it and I know that if I have any problems I can phone him up and ask for advice.   He and all the other people in my team all work in the same location (miles from where I am) and I thought I would feel isolated, but I have spoken to a few of them on the phone and they have all been really nice and helpful.  So I think things could work out fine.  Once I have mastered the data inputting part of the job there is another chunk of work coming my way which hopefully will be rewarding.  So I am pretty happy with things now.

That’s all for now folks see you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂