Paint your Future

Paint your Future


Hello friends!

I’m back after a busy week and what a difference!  Last Sunday the weather was glorious, sunny and warm, today it’s been wet and cold.  Still that’s UK weather for you and it hasn’t dampened my spirits and in reality, at this time of year, is only to be expected.

I managed to progress my Story Box, but it’s still not finished.  The Story Box is about The Theatre Royal that used to stand in the town, it burnt down in 1961.  I used an ordinary office box file and put a picture of the theatre on the front, then I found lots of vintage theatre posters to cover the rest of the outside of the box.  I lined the inside  with movie posters because in it’s last years the theatre was turned into a cinema.  I finished my little book of pieces found in various publications about the theatre, found images of people who had performed at the theatre and printed them out and also printed out display sheets and information the group has used previously about the theatre.  I am intending to get another small book to put in the box for people to write any memories they might have of the theatre.

Story Box

It was finished enough to take to the Ryde Social Heritage Group meeting yesterday morning, several other people also took story boxes and it was interesting to see all the different styles and contents.  This is going to be a great project 🙂  The meeting was excellent, I really enjoyed it.  Afterwards 8 of us went out for lunch so the fun continued.

The page at the top of this post is the 6th of the 8 pages I did for Dr Amy Johnson‘s book Being Human which will be published next month.  The page is reproduced here with Amy’s permission and it features Willow, her daughter. The chapter is called The Importance of an Empty Future and is about how we don’t have to let things that have happened in the past influence our future.

I have just finished reading Amy’s first book Modern Enlightenment (which I bought on Amazon.UK) I think it’s a great book, really easy to read and jam-packed with wisdom.  It’s like Amy gives you the seed of an idea and does not labour the point, it’s up to you what you do with it.  I have incorporated many of her recommendations into my life and, for me, they work.  It’s a very cool book and has made me even more excited about the new book Being Human.

Have a good week and I’ll see you soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂



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