Look Without Yesterday’s Filter

Without Yesterday's Filter

Hello friends

I am back after a really busy and successful week and all is good here, I hope things are great with you too.

So we transported our big exhibition to the old church and set it up and decorated the church to make it look as good as we could and opened to the public on Friday and Saturday.  It’s been a great success with lots of lovely feedback and some new people joining our group which is great.

Today we took everything down and transported it all back to where it belongs. The whole week has been a lot of hard work and good team effort and has definitely been worth it.

Tomorrow I go back to work and it will be good to be getting back to normal. I am hoping that now, having met both urgent deadlines, things will quieten down a little in my life, after a week of not making any art I am in urgent need of some art therapy. 🙂

As promised in my last post the page above is the first page I did to illustrate Dr Amy Johnson‘s new book Being Human (due out in in November). The chapter for this illustration is called Showing Up Dumb and it’s about how we often react to a situation with preconceived ideas, judgements and opinions, that is we let things that have happened in the past affect what happens today, but if we show up with a clear and open mind we truly and naturally react in the moment.

Have a great week everyone

Big love

AJ 🙂


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