Mindful Mark Making

Hello friends

I hope all is good with you.

We just had a bank holiday weekend in the UK and the weather was glorious, hot and sunny (still hot today too). Seems like the summer, which has been pretty good this year anyway, has decided to go out in a blaze of glory. There has been a lot of stuff going on over the weekend near to where we live, but we decided to avoid the crowds and mainy stay at home and chill out.

A week ago today we arrived home from a week’s holiday in Amsterdam, Holland. We rented an apartment in a quiet residential part of the city, it was a lovely apartment on the ground floor with living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a small garden. AND best of all the apartment came with a cat called Tiger. We just had to feed him and be nice to him, which was easy as he was so adorable. We always miss our two cats when we go away, we know they are OK as a friend comes and looks after them, but we still miss them terribly, so spending a week with Tiger was excellent. In fact holidays looking after someone else’s cat could be the future for us 🙂

Tiger our host for a week 🙂

The holiday was not completely stress free but on the whole we had a good time. The weather was a bit cold and wet but Amsterdam is a lovely city, we did a lot of walking, had a canal boat cruise and saw some amazing art.

Banksy at MOCO Amsterdam
Street Art at NSDM Wharf

So this recent bank holiday weekend was mainly been about relaxing and doing very little.

On Saturday I took my landscapes journal into the garden and spent about 4 hours just making marks on the page without any thought as to the end result. The finished page can be seen above. I love making repetative marks, I just get lost in the rhythm of the process and hours go by and I really don’t care much what it looks like in the end 🙂

I had already started on the page some time ago and blocked in some colour. The centre image below shows what I started with on Saturday morning.

Original page, blocked in colours, finished with mindful doodles 🙂

On Monday I worked on another journal, just putting paint onto the page and creating layers, waiting to see what might materialise from this fairly new way of painting for me.

I have been back to work today but now I’m home and the weather is still hot and sunny, this fantastic weather can’t last much longer so I’m off out into the garden to enjoy it while it’s here. I hope you are enjoying this time of year too.

Take good care of yourselves and I’ll try and update again soon.

Big Love
AJ xxx

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