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Hello Friends

Continuing with the theme of Radiant Warriors here is another ‘mask’ I made using the radiotherapy mask I had to wear during treatment.

This week I had my 62nd Birthday and although it’s not a very attractive number it was still a cause to celebrate being alive and well.  It was a glorious sunny day and I had taken the day off work so we went out for a drive.  We stopped off at a couple of beaches for walks, lunch and ice-cream.  In the evening T took me out for a meal at a local restaurant.  It was a good day 🙂

We thought about going camping for the rest of the weekend but the weather changed, got cooler and rained, and I’m only a fairweather camper, so we stayed at home.

I’ve really been missing all that art and culture we saw when we were on holiday in Malaga at the beginning of May.

One day we went to the Centre for Contemporary Art, Malaga It’s an amazing space.  The temporary exhibitions we saw there were:

Jia Aili A Chinese artist who paints huge, futuristic and somewhat desolate paintings.  T really appreciated this art but for me, although I could appreciate the skill involved, they were too depressing and bleak.

Image source

There was an exhibition of Studio Film Club posters byScottish artist Peter Doig, which I absolutely loved, so bright and colourful and fun.  And it seems that Peter has very similar taste in films as T and me.

Image source where you can see more of the posters.

You can find out more about Peter here :

There was a moving exhibition by the American artist Travis Somerville

You can find out more about Travis Someville’s art here:

As well as the temporary exhibitions there is a lot of excellent art in the permanent collection.  We had a great time inside this fantastic building.

Here is the bendy man sculpture at the entrance to CAC Malaga.  I took this photograph, I didn’t realise it was OK to take photos inside the Centre so the those images are not mine (I have mentioned the sources where I was not the photographer):

014 Bendy man sculpture outside the Centre for Contempoary Art

The area of Malaga where the Centre for Contemporary Art is located is called Soho, it’s an up and coming area and there is just load and loads of fantastic street art there.

Here is another of my large paintings (30″ x 22″) reproducing pages from my Warrior Women art journal:


And here is the original page it measures 15″ by 9″:


I don’t normally like listening to ‘experts’ explaining about art, mainly because I rarely understand what they are talking about it all sounds like gobbledegook to me, but I saw this video yesterday about an exhibition by Howard Hodgkin at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Howard Hodgkin died in March of this year. I first discovered him when I bought a book of his paintings in a local charity shop and a bit later I saw one of his original paintings at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.  I love his use of colour, but now I’ve found out a little bit more about him I realise what a fascinating and talented man he was.  I love the way that Paul Moorhouse takes us through this exhibition of portraits and I understand completely what he talks about.  We are planning on visiting this exhibition before it closes on 18 June:

That’s all for now folks, see you soon

Big love

AJ xxx

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