Your Life Story

Your Life StoryHello Friends

It’s a wet and windy Wednesday in the UK.  The cats got me up at 5am today.  The fact that the wind and rain were battering at the windows but Jack made it perfectly clear he wanted to go out (my cats are generally ‘fair weather cats’).  I knew he wanted to go to the toilet and I put him in the litter tray about 10 times and tred to encourage him to use it, but he was having none of it and instisted I opened the door.   Jack really does not like using the litter trays at all whereas Bill is quite laid back about it, in fact Bill sometimes comes in from the garden just to go to the toilet!  But if Jack was going out so was Bill.  At 5:30 I relented and let them both out.  They were both back in the house within 5 minutes, presumably having done their business outside.  It was too late for me to go back to bed then so I caught up with some emails before getting ready for work.  Now at 10:30pm, after a day at work, I am really tired and off to bed soon.

The spread above was done very quickly.  The pages were already gesso’d and had some paint on them.  I stuck down some ripped book pages and some images of old typewriters I found in a magazine at work the other day.  I painted over the top with gesso and some lovely russet acrylic paint, which I then wiped back, and the text is made up from some stickers I bought from the bargain bin at Hobbycraft the a few weeks ago.  I’m not sure you can read the text, it says: “The story of your life is exactly as you write it” which is another message to myself about the choices I make.

Just like the art this post was done in a rush.

Hope everyone is doing well and I’ll see you soon 🙂

Big love