Everything will be OK

In the End for blog

Hello friends

Hope all is good with you, it’s been hectic around here recently.  Life on the roller-coaster has been intense.  It goes like that sometimes.  We sometimes can have weeks or months of relative calm and then this tsunami wave hits us and knocks us completely off kilter –  either up in the air in all directions at the same time or down into the deep dark depths.  It’s hard to watch someone you love going through so much turmoil and distress and not be able to help.  Imagine how much harder it is for the person in the middle of a bipolar storm inside their head.  After years of dealing with this I’ve finally learnt that I can’t fix it I just need to be here to give support where I can and be here as a witness.  Only time and medication can calm the storm and even then not completely just for a while, sometimes for a long while other times just for a short breathing space.  It can be bloody exhausting for both of us.

At least now you might understand why I’m so erratic in keeping my blog, why I’m so unrealiable at working with other people on projects or even keeping in contact with blog friends.  But that’s life and I truly believe what it says in the image above ‘in the end everything will be OK’.

The painting above is a big reproduction of the back page of my Warrior Women journal, it measures 22″ by 30″, and here is the original which is collage, paint and pen work and measures 7″ by 9″.  In this instance I prefer the original.

Everything will be OK

In the midst of the chaos that’s been going on I managed to do two things for myself recently, first I went to an Open Studio in Southsea to see the artist My Dog Sighs:


The Welcome Sign


A book



008s 009s



The artist My Dog Sighs talking to another artist.

I took the photos but copyright for the art belongs to My Dog Sighs.

My Dog Sighs is the creator of Free Art Friday and here’s a video about him and that subject:

What a Star! 🙂

Also last week I went out for a meal with my lovely friend Gina to a restaurant called Karma in Newport.  We had a great meal and a lovely chat, it did me good to be out with a friend for a short while doing normal stuff 🙂

This is the penultimate Radiant Warrior, and I must admit I like this one even though she has a wonky nose.


That’s all for now, hope you are keeping well, happy and creative.

Big Love



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