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Hello friends

I hope all is good with you.  I’m still here and I still have all my fingers and a happy marriage.  Today is the last day of my 2 week holiday and it’s back to work tomorrow.

T and I have spent about 8 hours a day for the past 14 days working on our new kitchen . So, is it finished?  No it’s not! But then we didn’t expect to be able to get it all done in 2 weeks.  At the moment we have no water or sink in the kitchen and we would have no means of cooking if a friend hadn’t lent us a portable cooker. However we have made good progress.  All of the units have been fitted along the main wall, the walls have been painted and the ugly pipework from the boiler has been boxed in.  That’s what we set out to achieve this holiday and we did it by close of play today.

When we told people that we were going to be working together for two weeks, most people seemed to think it was a bad idea and a recipe for divorce but the truth is we work pretty good together and between us we can usually manage to work out solutions to problems (and there have been lots of problems).  So even though it’s not finished we are both pretty pleased with what we have achieved so far.

There is still loads to do though, there are three more cupboards to build, the worktop has to be cut and fitted, (that’s the slightly scary bit for me) then we can get the plumber back to connect the new gas hob and the new sink, nearly all of the units that have been installed still have to have the doors fitted, there is a hood and splash-back to be fitted over the cooker and then there will be some tiling to do.  So realistically it’s going to take weeks to complete everything now that we will only have evenings and some weekends to do the work.

I am so pleased that we decided to do it now, because it has been really hard work, and I think if we had left it much longer we would not have been able to do it on our own.  We are both pretty exhausted now and the rest of the house is covered in a fine layer of dust and generally needs a good cleaning!

I’ve hardly had any time for art but I have managed a small amount of collage and penwork in my new journal, not enough to be able to share yet though.

The images above are another of the little books I made for friends and family at Christmas.

I hope you are having fun whatever you are doing.

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂




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