A Bit Strange & One of a Kind

A Bit Strange & One of a KindHello friends!

I hope you are well, I’ve just realised I forgot to post mid-week and I’m not sure what happened there?  I must have just been busy which seems to be my natural state these days!

This post is dedicated to the memory of “Razzle” (Nick Dingley), drummer with the band Hanoi Rocks, he was killed in a car crash in America in 1984 just a few days after his 24th Birthday.  You made a big impact on our lives man, and we won’t forget you, you will stay forever young!

Here is the front cover of my Teesha Moore inspired journal which is now complete.  I have actually finished another journal  since I completed this one and I have also restarted working on my the very first journal which I started in February 2011 also inspired by Teesha.  I got so far with it and then other things took over and it’s been neglected for months now.

Things seem to be better in December than they were in November.  BUT I’ve made no preparations for Christmas yet and haven’t even started shopping, so I am beginning to feel pressured about all of that.

Yesterday I spent the day at St Thomas Heritage Centre for Ryde Arts Festival’s ‘Green Festive Wreath’ making day.  I volunteered to serve the teas and coffees all day.   It didn’t get warm in the building all day, but it was lovely when a group of children from a Dover Park school arrived and sang Carols for us.

I also had all my completed art journals on display.  I wanted to see if there would be any interest if I run a one day Art Journaling workshop for the Arts Festival in the summer.  A few people showed some interest which was good and best of all I met Sami!  We have been friends in blogland for a while and here is her blog which is called Luna.  Sami lives in the same town as me but we have never met before.  It was lovely to meet her and her son.   I got a good warm vibe from both of them.  Yes Sami, let’s meet up for coffee and a chat soon!

Gina Lighting up the NightAfterwards I watched my beautiful friend Gina, founder of www.starmystique.com, do her fire dancing in the town square, she was great!

Gina has a huge amount of talent,  is a great performer with a winning smile and flashing eyes, and as I am sure you can see she is a very sexy lady,  but more than that she just exudes positive energy, she’s lovely!

Have a good week my friends and I’ll see you soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂