Let your imagination soar!

Let your imagination soar

Hello friends!

It’s Sunday evening and it’s sunny – woo hoo!  It’s so nice to see some sunshine at last.

It’s been a crazy week here.  There is a big music festival going on, with lots of famous bands and Bruce Springsteen headlining tonight.   There are somewhere between 65,000 and 90,000 people attending (it’s difficult to get a definite/accurate number).  Anyway the place where I work is slap bang in the middle of what becomes the festival campsite and every year we get several weeks of disruption in the build up, during and after the festival.  For some reason I am the person who deals with all the problems and sorts it all out, which I have to admit is fairly interesting although not always successful.

This year is the 11th year of the festival and it seems to get bigger every year.  For the first 9 years they had sunshine everytime but last year it rained on the last day and as a result the whole site turned into a mud bath.  This year we have had really bad weather for weeks and the site was already thick with mud even before the gates opened on Thursday morning.  My 20 minute drive to work on Thursday took about 2 hours and most of the time I wasn’t moving at all, just sat in a long line of traffic.  Fortunately I left early because things just got steadily worse throughout the day.

When they opened the festival car park fields on Thursday morning the first cars in sunk into the mud and after that every single car had to be towed in by tractor, which took much longer than if they had been able to drive in.  All the time more ferries were arriving with more cars and eventually the tailback from the festival entrance went back as far as the ferry terminal which meant they were unable to unload any more cars.  Some people were trapped on the ferries for about 4 hours, others were unable to get on the ferries until the next day and many people had to sleep in their cars overnight.  When eventually they did get to the site, it was a mud bath.

I really feel sorry for all these people, the tickets for the festival are expensive and the tickets for the ferries are also expensive, so many people invested a lot of money in the weekend.  Everyone accepts that this is England and the weather is unpredictable, so come prepared for rain and mud, but the poor planning in dealing with the huge influx of people onto muddy fields on Thursday and Friday, has left a lot of people angry.  I could not get to work on Friday because all the roads around the site were gridlocked.  Eventually things did get better, the police and organisers found other places for people to park and bussed them into the site, but it was not a good start to the weekend.

We have had rain on and off all weekend and a heavy downpour most of last night.   I am really glad that now, for the last bit of the festival the sun has come out and hopefully warmed everyone’s spirits, they deserve it.

I am on leave tomorrow and Tuesday and at a meeting on the mainland on Wednesday, but I know that when I get back to my office on Thursday I will be greeted with a sight of devastation and mud  where just a couple of weeks ago there were green fields.

I don’t go to big festivals any more, I sometimes go to smaller ones and I was lucky enough to go to see Jimi Hendrix play at the early and massive Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 when I was just 15 years old.  They reckon that 600,000 people attended that festival, amazing!

Anyway, enough about all that stuff.  This spread is from my A4 journal and it came about because I bought the Tim Holtz Birdcage die.  I was so excited that I die cut a whole book (I believe it was an Enid Blyton Famous Five book).  Then I wondered what on earth I could do with so many birdcages so started to stick them down on my journal pages and from there the idea came about freeing myself from the doubts and self-limiting beliefs that sometimes (often) enter my head.

I like how it turned out.

Have a good week

Big love

AJ 🙂