When someone shows you who they are…

When someone shows you who they areHello friends

Wow Wednesday already, can’t believe how fast this week is passing, but I had two days off work and managed to get loads done, even a bit of decorating.

This spread is from my A4 journal and it was done as ‘art therapy’ a few months ago.  I was angry and upset and rather than dwell on it I put it down on these pages.

I won’t go into the details because honestly it’s not worth it.  It’s about someone who used to be a friend but isn’t anymore.  The quote by Maya Angelou, is so appropriate because if I think back, even when we were friends she showed me her true colours several times, but because we were friends I made allowances.  I should have believed her the first time she showed me the nasty side of her personality and ended the friendship then.  It’s been a valuable lesson to learn.

The page was created after a particularly unpleasent event a couple of years after the friendship ended.  She made accusations about me doing something I hadn’t done to several other people.  It felt like I was being provoked to respond in an angry way and defend myself, but I decided to ignore her and work through my frustrations by making art.  I wrote down exactly what I was thinking and then covered it up with art.  It worked 🙂

I didn’t like the spread at first, but now it’s growing on me.

I thoroughly recommend this – Don’t get angry, get arty!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Big love

AJ 🙂