Glorious Mess

Glorious mess for blog

Hello friends

Summer time and the living is …. a bit busy to be honest 🙂  I am working on another big project in the garden that is going to take up a fair bit of time, but hopefully in the long run will make life a bit easier.

The image above is a painting 30″ by 22″ based on a page from my Warrior Women art journal.  Here is the original page  that is 15″ by 9″:

Glorious Mess

And here is another Radiant Warrior mask made on my radiotherapy mask:


Finally here is a video of an local artist Sue Paraskeva who throws beautiful porcelain pots and then smashes them. I met Sue at an event last week where she did a performance but because I was volunteering at the event was not able to see her part of the show.  Although our meeting was brief there was something about her that I really liked so afterwards I looked her up and found this video portrait.  It’s about 8 minutes long but it’s worth watching because it is so beautifully filmed and gives a much better idea of why after taking the time and care to produce a perfect pot the next logical thing to do is to smash it.  Have a look and see what you think.








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6 thoughts on “Glorious Mess

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  2. Favourite mask so far Warrior Woman ❤️ love the pot woman but that ‘music’ did my head in tbh. I’ve been so uncreative, I need a boot.
    Hope you’re enjoying your camper van and that Tony had a good birthday. Love to you both xxx

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    • Thanks Cheryllous, we all go through phases of not being creative, so try not to worry, it will come back. Just getting the time to do stuff is a problem for me as I’m still working full time! I just hope that when I have more time I still have the ideas!

      We are good, went away in the van when we visited Tony’s family (near Bristol) recently but they insisted that we slept in their lovely house while we were there (it was more comfortable than the van)! Still love I love driving the van and we’re hoping to get away in it for weekends locally. Next weekend we have IW Pride here though so we’ll be staying at home again and joining in with the fun. I hope it stays sunny.

      T has finally retired (not sure I’ll be able to spot the difference though), he’s been a bit unwell recently but we went out for a fantastic meal on his bd at the best restaurant on the Island – Nomad in Newport. xxxx

      ps my nephew said that particular mask ‘looks like a scary transvestite’! 🙂

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