She laughs without fear of the future.


Hello friends

I’ve been missing again for a couple of weeks because the first weekend we had no internet and last weekend we were away from home, but I’m back again now.

The image at the top of the page is another big painting reproducing a page from my Warrior Women art journal.  The painting measures approx 30″ by 22″ and here is the original page from the journal that measures 15″ by 9″:


And here is another of the Radiant Warrior masks:

Radiant Warrior Mask

After my previous post T and I went to London to see The Howard Hodgkin exhibition Absent Friends at the National Portrait Gallery.  It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. Here is one of the portraits we saw in the exhibition it’s a portrait of his friend Patrick Caulfield and was painted 1991-93.  It’s called Patrick in Italy measures about 26″ by 29″ and is oil on wood.

Patric in Italy

Now, you may think this is just an abstract painting, but Mr Hodgkin (if he were still alive) would tell you he never painted anything abstract in his life and this is a true portrait of his friend Patrick.  Although it may not look like him the painting accurately captures the feeling and memory of that time.  Personally I love it and it was a privilege to see so many (I think there were 52) portraits in the exhibition.

Last weekend we had a proper heat wave in the UK and we were lucky to be invited to go and stay with T’s brother and family in Gloucestershire.  On Saturday we went to a small festival in the village where they live, it was organised to raise funds for the local school. It was a great day with some good bands and a lovely atmosphere, the headline act were called Mr Tea and the Minions  from Bristol.  They play ‘Cheeky gypsy party music’ that’s a cross between – Balkan/Ska/Swing/Dub/Funk – happy smiley people who got us on our feet and jiggling about 🙂

On Monday before we came home we drove into Bristol to see an exhibition by one of my favourite artists – David Shillinglaw – the show is entitled Tales of Ordinary Madness –  at That Art Gallery I was very lucky because the gallery is normally closed on Mondays but they opened it especially so I could see the exhibition before I came home.

Here is a little video the gallery made to promote the show.

I bought a unique colourful print made up of faces like these.


That’s all for now folks, take good care of yourselves and I’ll see you soon.

Big love

AJ xxx






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6 thoughts on “She laughs without fear of the future.

  1. Your work is continuing to grow deeper. The aboriginal face, combined with the Bible verse is quite powerful, as is the mask. I can tell that you are hard at work, even when you can’t post. Love, Trece

  2. I adore your warrior women. Did you ever think of publishing them as a book? Oh my gosh I”d love a book of WW! And I know of quite a few real life WWs who I’m sure would love it too!! And thanks for the heads up about Mr Tea and the Minions – just checked them out – so much fun! 😀

    • Thank you ! I have thought about producing a book of the warrior women but it’s likely to take me a long time. At the moment I’m trying to put together a black and white zine (I’ve always loved zines), so I’ll have to see how that goes. I really appreciate you comment ❤

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