Ups and Downs and Ups!

My poster made at Gonzo Design Workshop

Hello friends, I hope all is good with you.

More health issues but not me this time!

Life definitely gets weird at times, at least it does for me.  Just as I was beginning to feel a bit better and my mood was lifting after the month of radiotherapy T ended up in hospital! From Monday 11 May until Friday 15 May he was in the acute ward of coronary care unit at the local hospital.  Then on Friday morning he was sent over to QA Hospital on the mainland and later that day he had an angioplasty.  He came home on Saturday 16 May.

He was awake and watched the operation on a screen while it was happening and the doctor explained what he was doing.  I had no idea that any of this was possible.  When I thought of heart surgery before I imagined something really major resulting in a big cut to the chest and lots of stitches, but the only wound he had was the cut in his wrist where they fed in the wire up his artery and into his heart.  If you are interested you can see a similar operation here, it’s fascinating!

All the while he was in hospital he was pain free but pretty bored so he was pleased to get home again.

While T was in hospital I had plenty to keep me occupied: looking after the garden and greenhouse and keeping his precious vegetable seedlings alive, making sure the cats where fed and cared for, keeping the house clean and tidy, feeding myself and visiting the hospital once or often twice a day.  For some reason he didn’t want anyone else to visit him apart from me.  I also decided to repaint the walls and ceiling in the dining room before he came home.  It’s exactly the same colour as it was before only it looks a bit fresher now.   I also washed the floor, rug, curtains and blinds and put them back.  I didn’t really feel too anxious about him being in hospital because he was pain free and actually looked quite healthy while he was there, but I just wanted to keep myself busy while he was away.

Now he is home I am helping him to sort out the garden so he doesn’t get  too tired, his chest is still a bit bruised and he is on loads and loads of new medication at the moment which is slowing him down and sometimes affecting his mood.  Still I think we are doing OK at the moment.

Anyway it looks like we are still going to be able to get away for our short break, but we will be forced to take things very easy as I don’t think he will be able to walk very far.

A Treat for me!

Yesterday (May 20) I decided to give myself a treat and had a day trip to London see an exhibition by artist David Shillinglaw and attend a ‘Gonzo Design Workshop’ run by him at Morgan in Clerkenwell.  I had a great day and it was lovely to meet David.  He is very inclusive, welcoming and chatty as well as being a sensational artist.  After being quite nervous in the beginning I soon felt at ease and at home. In the workshop we made posters either about ourselves or about something we wanted to protest about. The materials we had to use were Design magazines, scissors, glue sticks, tissue paper and marker pens.  I was in my element and it was fun to just play around.  I nearly always create my art on my own and there is a whole new dynamic when you create with other people.

The image above is the poster I made about me 🙂 and here are a couple of pictures from the day.

Workbench at Gonzo Design Workshop

Workbench at Gonzo Design workshop with David Shillinglaw at Morgan Furniture London. Finished posters hanging in background/


David Shillinglaw and Me!

After months of being ‘chemo’ bald my hair is finally beginning to grow back!

Here is a video of the workshop:

Today I must admit I am feeling tired, but it’s worth it to have had a fun day yesterday.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you again soon.

Big love

AJ xxx

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10 thoughts on “Ups and Downs and Ups!

  1. My goodness! You two are going to have had your fill of hospitals by the time you are both fully recovered.

    Your workshop looks to be great fun and “just what the doctor ordered”. Your poster is fantastic.

    • Thanks Laura, just all part of growing older and now paying for our mis-spent youth I reckon. The workshop was fabulous and I was a bit ‘star-struck’ meeting David but he is so lovely. 🙂

  2. So glad to hear about your adventures!! Love your poster!! And you, my darling you!! I love being able to “see” you. So glad you and T are well, and that you will be able to get away on holiday after all!!Love, Trece

  3. Oh my! The universe has really bombarded your world with challenges lately! You seem to be striding through. That workshop looks amazing, I wish I’d known!! I follow DS on Facebook, but must have missed this, coz I would have been there in a heartbeat! Love the video, like Laura said, it looks like exactly the medicine a creative soul needs

    Enjoy your restful break my friend, it must feel quite overdue! X

    • Thank you my friend. I think that T just got fed up looking after me for all this time and decided it was his turn for a bit of pampering! it was a bit scary at first though and I am now worn out from all the extra activity and that trip to London. The workshop was not heavily advertised but I’m glad I made it there. Maybe we can meet up at another similar event? Take good care of yourself, love from me ❤

      • Well that would be fab! I shall keep my ear to the ground for a fun creative meet up! Let’s wish hard that that’s all the ill health quota used up for you both now, and you can enjoy a good long time with 100% energy resources. Well, maybe 98%. Don’t want to be unrealistic/greedy!! X

  4. Your workshop looks fabulous. Glad you had a good day and enjoyed yourself. Hope you both have a great, even if it is a slow relaxed, break. Take care both. Love and hugs as always. xxxx

  5. Just when you think you’ve made it into calmer waters …. but such good news that the problem was identified and treated! Your day in London looks and sounds wonderful, and I love your warrior woman page.

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