Everything will be OK

Everything will be OK

Hello friends

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying good health.

Sorry it’s been a while again but I’ve been taking things easy and not doing much at all since my last round of chemo.  Tomorrow I am seeing a consultant again and on Tuesday I’m in for round 5.  Here we go again!

It seems to get harder every time.  Last time I had to have injections in my belly once a day for 5 days starting 5 days after the chemo.  I was dreading it, but actually it doesn’t hurt at all, in theory I should be able to do it myself, but I just don’t like the idea of jabbing myself in the belly with a sharp object even if it doesn’t hurt.  Anyway some lovely District Nurses came once a day to do it for me.  Energy levels have still been very low and I am really not doing much at all these days.  Spending a lot of time on the sofa with the cats, well actually one cat at a time because they would never be on the sofa together!

I got signed off work for another two months this week.  My last round of chemo should now be on 24 Feb providing I don’t pick up any infections in the meantime, I think I will probably be given a couple of weeks to get over that and then I should be having more tests and scans to see if it’s worked and if so I’ll be put on ‘watch and wait’ and have regular appointments and tests to monitor the situation.  This is what I am hoping for and expecting.  So it’s possible that I might be returning to work in the week commencing 30 March.  It will have to be phased return to work as it will take me a while to get my normal levels of energy back, and it’s going to be a massive shock to my system after so much time away.

There is a possibility that ‘they’ might want to give me radiotherapy after the chemo, but they will have to absolutely convince me of the necessity of that before I agree.  I’ve been told that radiotherapy zaps your energy even more than the chemo and I will have to travel to the mainland daily for this treatment as it’s not available on the Island where I live.  If I have to then that’s what I’ll do, I just want to be shown why it’s necessary. Anyway I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, for now I’m looking forward to just finishing the chemo. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do even though I’ve been fortunate in that so far (touch wood!) I’ve only been unwell once.  I can’t imagine how people struggle if it makes them sick as well as tired.

Yesterday I started to declutter and tidy my art room, a rather stupid thing to attempt with my current energy levels and as a consequence it now looks even worse!  I do need to get it sorted out at some time though as the mess is not conducive to being creative!  All the work surfaces are cluttered and some of the ‘piles’ of stuff are reaching dangerous proportions!

The page above is the back cover of the Warrior Women Journal finished a few weeks ago.  I really like this journal and it’s been good therapy for me to create it while I’ve been dealing with this cancer.

I hope all is good for you where ever you are in the world.

Take good care of yourselves

Big love

AJ 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Everything will be OK

  1. Fabulous art work as always. I love the bold colors contrasting with the black. Don’t stress about the clutter. Do a little each day as your energy permits and it will soon be organized. Or shut the door and pretend it’s not there.

  2. been thinking of you for the last week and hoping you’re doing as okay as you can be. prayers all around. glad to hear everything is moving forward.

  3. Great page! Good luck on the treatments and please don’t stress yourself too much on organizing. Let it be for now and when you are more energized it can be tackled then. Stay safe!

  4. Thank you for checking in despite the drain on your energy, we need to know how your journey is progressing. I love this saying, it makes such good sense and at the same time is a ‘nudge of keep going’ and a comfort of wisdom.
    Good luck with your next treatments honey, love and warm hugs to you X

  5. Best wishes for today’s session. Thank you for the beautiful art work to look at. Big hugs and Happy Anniversary too! Peelee xxx

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