Don’t be fooled



Hello friends,

Sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged so I hope all is good with you.  I am doing very well at the moment.

It took me ages to get over the second lot of chemo, I thought I would be OK to return to work after a week but I still felt very tired so I went to see the doctor and was signed off work for 2 months!  I’m a bit disappointed as I wanted to carry on as normal for as long as I could but the reality is even when I’m feeling OK I still don’t have masses of energy and maybe it will be good to just rest for a while.

The past few days I have been feeling much better and have been trying to catch up with things that just got left (like housework, christmas shopping and art) while I was feeling so tired but I am making very slow progress and in fact I haven’t done any art since I was last in the chemo suite.

The page above is from my Warrior Women Journal and I completed it a few weeks ago (fortunately or I’d have nothing to share with you today). The quote says “When life feels overwhelming don’t be fooled into thinking that more action is needed.  To create order and peace get quiet, go inside.  You will find everything you need right there”  I’m sorry I don’t know who to attribute this quote to, but I didn’t make it up, I’m not that clever!

Today I went and saw some of my friends and colleagues from the Ryde Arts Festival team at the Green Wreath making event at St Thomas Church and then I went to visit my friend Sally-Ann who is emigrating to Ireland next week.  Sally-Ann and her family (husband and son) are busy packing up the entire contents of their house to ship off to Ireland.  I was pleased to see her before she sets off but I could see there was still loads of packing to do so I only stayed long enough for a cup of tea and a short chat.  I don’t think I would be brave enough to emigrate so I am full of admiration for them and wish them well for their new life and adventure.

Being off work means that I am finding it difficult to keep track of the days and when things need to be done.  I am sleeping a lot now.  Before I got the cancer I used to go to bed early and get up early, now I go to bed early and get up late so half the day has gone before I really start to get going – it’s a weird life!  Next week the important things to remember are a friend coming to visit me on Tuesday, seeing the consultant on Wednesday and then chemo all day on Thursday.  I wonder if it will knock me out of action again this time? Probably, but we’ll just have to see.  Still at least having it next week should mean that I am over the worst of it by Christmas.  Lets hope so anyway.

Seasons’s greetings to you all I hope you have a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

Big love

AJ xxx




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7 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled

  1. I’m glad you’re taking the time off. When I first started chemo, I tried going to work as usual but couldn’t do it. I talked to my boss and since no one else knew my job, we agreed I would work each day as long as I could just to teach my two colleagues my job. Most days I was lucky if I could make two hours. And I had to have my partner drop me off and pick me up. I had to go on disability then, just for long enough until I could get my Social Security and Medicare. Then I retired.

    Chemo and radiation are exhausting. Your body is under assault and tries to force you to rest so it can regenerate. So listen to your body.


  2. Hi Janette, Good to hear you are so positive but sorry to hear that the last lot of chemo knocked you for six. Love the journal page and really agree that much of what we need is within ourselves – wherever this quote came from it is really purposeful. Hope the next lot of chemo is less debilitating and that you are fully able to enjoy Christmas and New Year. Lots of love and hugs. Take

  3. Thanks for the update Janette. It sounds like your body is making you do exactly what it needs you to do. So sleep and give in to the slower pace of life for the next few months! I hope, as you say, your next bout of chemo is out of your system in time for you to enjoy Christmas. xx

  4. Thank you for the update. Sleep sounds like what your body needs. Wishing you a wonderful holiday. Love your artwork!

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