A Woman of Strength

Woman of Strength

Hello friends

I hope all is good with you.  I am doing fine although today has been a bit of a challenge.

The image above is from my Warrior Women Journal and it is to remind me that whatever difficulties I face will only make me stronger. If you click on the image you can see it bigger.

After my last post I received a letter from the hospital telling me I had an appointment at the chemo therapy unit for 11:00 am on Monday for an education session and then the first round of chemo today (Wednesday 29 October) starting at 09:30.  I was impressed that the appointment on Monday was half an hour after my appointment for the ECG so we’d only have to make one trip and cover two appointments.  We arrived at Cardiology in good time for the appointment (as we always do) and then sat and waited and waited (as we always do).  At 11:00 I still had not been called in for the scan so I sent T off to the Chemo unit to tell them I would be late. Eventually got called in and had the scan and then we made our way to Chemo where we met a lovely nurse who explained all about what was going to happen when the treatment started.  The first day was going to be a full day and I would be monitored constantly to make sure I was OK.  If the first day went OK then subsequent treatments should be quicker.  I was also shown the treatment room and introduced to the team.  I have to say that of all the (many) parts of the hospital I have now visited the people in the Chemo suite are the most friendly, professional and caring people I’ve met.  So although I am slightly anxious about the Chemo I am reassured that they will take good care of me.

Today my brother picked us up from home and dropped us off at the hospital for the 09:30 appointment.  We waited in the waiting room with other patients before being called in to the treatment room.  After a while I noticed that everyone else  was having their blood pressure and pulse taken and being prepared for, or already receiving, treatment, but I wasn’t.  This was strange because I knew I was going to be there all day and most of the other patients were there for shorter visits.  Eventually I was told that they were waiting for my paperwork to come through and as soon as it did they would start treatment.  Then at about 11:00 I was told that my consultant had forgotten to write the prescription for my Chemo, but it was being done right now and as soon as it was made up they would commence treatment.  Then at 11:30 I was told the consultant was not available to write the prescription as she was with another patient and therefore they would not be able to treat me today but could I come back tomorrow.  I think I said something that was fairly loud and had a few expletives in it when I was told this and T got really, really cross with them and had to leave very quickly. They were all very apologetic and the staff in the Chemo suite were as angry about it as we were.

The consultant who forgot to write my script is supposed to be in charge of my case but I am not feeling very inspired or confident now that something this important was not picked up. Surely my care cannot be down to just one person? I was told I was under a whole team of people so how come someone else didn’t check everything was in place for today? I am thinking of putting in an official complaint but no doubt there will be a lot of excuses and buck passing and we’ll never get to the bottom of it.  I’m really not happy with what happened today.  I was unable to contact my brother to get him to come back and collect us so we had to get a taxi home (and even that was a hassle and it took over an hour to arrive).

Sometimes I think my life story has been written by some surrealist comedy writer with a very warped sense humour!

OK that’s the rant over and now I’m going to be calm and start all over again tomorrow.  I need to stay positive because anger and anxiety won’t do me any good, it just saps my energy and puts me in a bad place.  What I really need now is calm and positive energy.

Stay healthy and happy everyone.

Big love

AJ xxx 🙂



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10 thoughts on “A Woman of Strength

  1. How awful that this happened to you. I have started reminding my PA of things while I’m sitting in her office. She sometimes gets so stressed with seeing so many patients that she does forget things. And she doesn’t seem to mind that I remind her.

    • Hi Ruth, what’s a PA? I don’t think I have one of those. I’m fine now, I just needed to have a small rant. I do understand about how busy people are and that it was a genuine mistake on someone’s part but I thought there were probably procedures in place to make sure things happened in the correct sequence. Never mind it was just a small blip and tomorrow is another day 🙂

      • PA is Physician’s Assistant – they have extensive training to be able to treat patients. And I understand needing to rant – I’ve done that often. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I clicked “like” because I love your warrior woman art work. If I could click “dislike” for how you were treated I would. That’s abysmal. As a newcomer to US healthcare, I am finding myself feeling bewildered, bemused and dismayed by healthcare here. I thought having to pay would improve the quality of patient experience but there’s no correlation at all. I hope you have no more experiences like this one in your treatment plan.

    • Hello papict, I live in the UK so I don’t have to worry about the cost of my treatment but because of my location my options are limited to local hospitals. I could pay to have private treatment and then I’m sure the patient service experience would be vastly improved but I couldn’t afford it and I doubt my options for treatment would be any different. I think that everyone in the NHS is doing the best they can under really difficult circumstances, it does seem like it’s a bit broke. But I’m cool about it now and ready for tomorrow. 🙂

      • Sorry about that. For some reason i thought you were in the US. My muddle and my bad. I generally agree with you about the NHS. In fact, in my recent blog post about living in America for a year, I spent a whole paragraph lamenting how much I miss the NHS. Socialised medicine definitely wins out over the US healthcare system, which is a broken mess. It seems like you just “unlucked” out and fell between the ctacks of someone’s organisational capability. On a human level that is understandable but in healthcare people are vulnerable physically and emotionally and need to feel confident in the level of care being provided. So I absolutely hope there are no more glitches along the way.

  3. Perhaps that was the universe doing you a huge favor because you are not supposed to do the chemo treatment…

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