The love you make

The Love you Make

Hello friends

I hope all is well with you.

The Arts Festival is over now for another year and it was a great success, I really enjoyed it this year.  The artwork, created by a local artist and local youth groups was outstanding and the opening concert was very moving.  All week there was stuff going on.  A really great effort by the team.

Since then I finished a journal I started over a year ago and the image above is the back cover.  It started out it’s life as a child’s board book that I picked up in a charity shop for a few pence.  I peeled off the plastic covering from all the pages, gave them a coat of gesso, then coloured them, added collage and penwork.  The book had a pocket in the back cover but I sealed it up completely and just left the flap.

I’ve covered the outside of this journal with strips of clear packing tape so, hopefully, the collage elements won’t lift.  You can see where the tape overlaps and I realise that might bother a lot of people, but it doesn’t bother me, the tape gives the cover a high gloss finish that I like.

Here is what’s under the flap.

The secret under the flap


And here is the finished journal.  I started this journal over a year ago in Teesha Moore and Jane Davenport’s Mermaid Circus 1 online workshop, but I only did one page and the rest of it has been completed as part of Teesha’s Artstronauts Club.  There are only 12 pages in total including the front and back covers, but I usually have a number of different projects on the go at the same time so that’s why it takes so long to complete anything.  I always get a great sense of achievement when a journal is finished.

Finsiehd journal

Have a good week and I’ll see you soon (ish).

Big love

AJ 🙂



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9 thoughts on “The love you make

  1. Nice to see you back AJ 🙂 The book looks beautiful – I remember some of those pages too, they are so stunning. May I ask, is the word ‘to’ supposed to be written twice together on the back cover? [I recognise McCartneys lyrics too, great choice 🙂 ] I think the clear packing tape is a great idea!

    • Hi Pauline 🙂 No that’s a genuine mistake, I didn’t notice until it was too late to do anything about it, so I just decided to live with it 🙂 Hope all is good with you?
      Big love from me AJ

  2. Love seeing your colorful journal. I took Mermaid Circus the second time and am also in the Artstronauts Club. It’s fun to find another artstronaut in blog land! I have never tried using a board book but I can imagine it would be a great substrate to work on. I have visited your blog many times so thought I should say hello. Thanks for sharing.

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