Happy Birthday Blog!

Mandala book coverHello friends!

It’s been a while so I hope all is good with you.

According to WordPress it’s 3 years ago today that I started this blog, so Happy Birthday Blog!  Unfortunately recently I’ve been neglecting things and here we are in the middle of June and this is my first post of the month.  What happened?  I used to post regularly, often 2 posts a week, but now there are long gaps.

Working on the kitchen refurb was the start of the upset of the routine and finding the time is always a problem, but it’s more than that.  I’ve been wondering what it’s all about? Why am I putting all this stuff out there? I always found time in the past so what’s the problem now? Also there is a bit of guilt, people come along here and leave lovely comments and I read them and have every intention of replying, visiting their blogs and being supportive – every intention but I’m not always successful with my intentions.  So does that make me a bad blogger? I’m not asking for or expecting anyone to give me any answers but these are just some of the thoughts I’ve been having and I’m still confused about it…

Anyway, I’ve still found time to be creative – I’ve been working on a couple of paintings, on several journals and I managed to finish my second Mandala book, the images above and below are the front and back cover of the book.

Take good care of yourselves, until the next time

Big love

AJ 🙂

Back cover



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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!

  1. Happy Birthday! Happy Blogday! I feel the same way about blogging. Sometimes I keep on blogging, sometimes I stop for a while. I used to think the bloggers were all disappearing but there are quite a few diehards out there. Good to “see” you! xxo

  2. Hi AJ Happy Anniversary for your Blog! I am on my third year of blogging now so I understand what you are going through. I love getting your art creations and I just take it for granted that you keep on putting them ‘out there’. Sure would miss you if you disappeared.

    Just some observations on blogs generally. I have followed a heap of people through the “WordPress Reader” (without getting an email) and enjoyed their posts but one by one the half dozen I loved disappeared after about eight months of writing! Others only post once every couple of months. I think one gets “blogging fatigue”. You feel as if you’ve said it (or done it) all before; people aren’t leaving comments or likes as often. At the end of 2013 I nearly gave up writing but then I discovered the WordPress Daily Post and that gave me fresh ideas.

    However, it is harder for you if you are working and present art as such. Some things to think about: do you need to rebadge the design of your blog? Just post once a month and be satisfied? Branch out (dare I say) into other areas and not just show your designs? Sometimes, it gives you a new lease of life. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. I love your designs! Tess

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