Let your mind start a journey…

Let your mind start a journey...

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Hello friends!

Well after just under two weeks holiday from work, it’s back to the daily grind tomorrow for me. 😦  I wish I could say I feeling joyous about it, but to be honest there is a slight dread in the pit of my stomach right now.  However I’m sure it will all be fine once I get there and once I get used to getting up early again!

I’ve managed to achieve quite a lot in two weeks.  I had 22 things on my ‘To Do’ list, there are 6 left now but I’ve made a start on 4 of them so progress has been good.  More importantly I’ve had time to create some art and that has been so good for my soul. 🙂

The spread above is in one of my board book journals and was inspired by Teesha Moore’s Artstonauts Club.  I’ve also been working on some mixed media pieces, started making some prayer flags, made a new junk journal and had an attempt at tidying up my art room.  This last task was only partially successful and now I’ve run out of time so it won’t get completed.  Still it’s better than it was 🙂

Here is the main wall I sorted out (T says it still looks cluttered!)  I found some interesting stuff that I had forgotten I had!

Art room organisationIf you click on the image you can see it bigger. The things hanging from the ceiling are papier mache fish, there are a group of 6 of them swimming about above my workspace 🙂

The weather here has been pretty bad since before Christmas –  lots of rain and wind.  In some parts there has been a lot of flooding and damage.  Luckily we haven’t suffered in that way and I feel for the people who have, it must be awful to have your home flooded.

I hope your New Year has got off to a good start and I wish you a creative and joyful rest of the year.

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Let your mind start a journey…

  1. Hi Janette

    Love the journal spread. I so admire your work. Would you list the materials you used for some of your pages? I’m still experimenting with different pens, and it would be helpful to know what you have found that works for you.

    I’m just starting on a little altered board book with flaps, to make “My Mum’s Book of Secrets”

    The room is looking good! What were some of the interesting things you found? Is there really some RSHG stuff there too? Could that go to the chapel, and leave you room for more art things?   I hope to see you Saturday at the RSHG meeting.




  2. Ha! Your shelves look just like mine! I keep asking myself what can I get rid of? But then when I go through it – everything is used regularly – or is waiting for just the right project ….. nothing is extraneous!

    Your board book spread is stunning – your style is so strong and so you! I am full of admiration for your to do list – I would see that as a success personally…….. and so many new projects started…… I wish I knew how to do that. I tend to be rather pedestrian and work on one at a time – I’m sure something creatively exciting would happen if I could spread my wings a little……

    I hope you have had a lovely first day back at work! Keep smiling! xoxo

  3. I love your journal spread … and what a fantastic work room you have! Always good to sort through things every so often and find things you forgot you had.
    I hope you had a good start to your working year, and I think achieving 16 out of 22 on a ToDo List is pretty good going.Happy New Year.

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