Happy New Year!

Happy New YearHello friends!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, if it is something you celebrate.

We had a very lovely Christmas Day.  T and I got up and opened our presents – I got Gellatos, new pyjamas, new pens, a bracelet, some new charms for my Love Links bracelet, a scarf, and lots of other lovely things.  Late morning we went to collect my parents and then drove over to my brother’s house where my sister-in-law provided a wonderful lunch for 9 of us.  It was a great day.  We got home at about 6pm having dropped Mum and Dad back home and then we watched a film called Midnight in Paris which was very good and I managed to last the whole film without dropping off to sleep 🙂

On Boxing Day we had invited T’s friend Nigel for lunch and we had to go and collect him from his sheltered accommodation and bring him back home, have lunch, then we went for a walk along the sea shore as it was a lovely day before taking Nigel home again.

On Friday we spent the day preparing the house for visitors and preparing food.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had to get up early to go to the DIY store to buy our new kitchen, we got an absolute bargain in the Sale and everything will be delivered towards the end of February.  Then the real work starts, ripping out the old and installing the new.

After we got home T’s younger brother, his wife and two children arrived, the first time we have seen them since last Christmas.  We had a very nice day together and yet another Christmas meal in the evening.  They all stayed overnight and this morning we all went for a walk on the beach before they had to head off again.

This afternoon I went to see Mum and Dad and tomorrow I will be taking Dad to the hospital audiology department so he can get his hearing aids fixed.

Now that Christmas is out of the way I am hoping to have some ‘me’ time, I don’t go back to work until Monday 6 January and, apart from taking Dad to the hospital tomorrow, I don’t really have many commitments so I’m hoping I can tick a few more things of my ‘To Do’ list and get some time for art.  I am currently working on 2 journal spreads – one mixed media and one collage and I am also altering a big ‘sample’ book I bought in a charity shop years ago.  I remember being so excited when I bought it but never did anything with it and the other day I decided to make a start.  I also have my 2013 year long project to finish and hopefully I will be able to share that with you soon in the New Year.  Then I have a new, year long, and hopefully easier project to start.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful too.

Thank you to all my readers for your support and encouragement over the past year (or longer) it means such a lot to me.  I wish you all success in all your endeavours and peace in your lives.

The image above is page 8 in my latest Mandala book.

Big love

AJ 🙂



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1 thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. That sounds like a pretty full on week AJ – I can absolutely understand your need for some quiet time! I am so looking forward to seeing some of your projects – I do hope you get to spend a goodly amount of time at your art desk 🙂 And gelatos – you got gelatos!! How wonderful is that!! I would so love to have some – but the cost is a bit out of my budget….. Please do share what you do with them and what you think of them too ,,,, xoxo

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