Phew! I made it!




Hello friends.

I hope you are well and getting into the festive spirit 🙂

I’m guessing that where ever you are in the world you all probably heard my sigh of relief this morning when I finally finished making the Christmas presents.  I left the most important one until last and that was the one for my parents.  Leaving that one till the end kept me on track with the others, as I knew I had to finish them before starting the really important one.  Anyway they are all wrapped up now and most have been distributed, so finally I can start preparing in other ways for Christmas.  There are still things like housework to do before Wednesday as everything else got put on hold until I finished my task.

Today I have been to a friend’s 80th birthday celebrations at lunch time.  I spent most of the time in the kitchen helping with the washing up, but to be honest I am more comfortable there than I would have been circulating and socialising.  There was enough food to feed a small army so I can’t imagine what she will do with what has been left!  Still it was good fun and my friend is a very gracious hostess.

Afterwards I called round to see Mum and Dad and to deliver their presents.  We will be seeing them on Christmas Day when we go and collect them and drive them over to my brother’s house where we are all having lunch.

I have one more day at work, which I’m not looking forward to.  When I left on Friday I already had far more to do before Christmas than was humanly possible and by tomorrow morning there will be even more.  My Manager said he is going to get someone to help me tomorrow, but I still think it won’t all get done.  Not getting it done will have a negative impact on other people, but I did start asking for the information at the beginning of December and despite several reminders to the people who are supposed to supply the information it only started coming through on Wednesday of last week!  I was getting really stressed by the end of the week, but all I can do is my best and at 4:30 tomorrow I’m going to leave work and forget about it until 6 January.

This year I have decided to use up a lot of my annual leave and have nearly two weeks away from the office, hopefully I am going to have some time to play in my art room during those two weeks.  I hope so although there are still other obligations to be fulfilled during that time.

The page above is another from my Mandala book.

I hope you all have a lovely and uplifting Christmas.

Big love and Peace

AJ 🙂




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1 thought on “Phew! I made it!

  1. Hello dear AJ, I’m running behind and still catching up on my blog reading…….. but here at last!
    Glad to hear you are finished and ready for the big day – but my you cut it fine girl!! And work – when I read about your issues it takes me back and I am so glad I no longer have to deal with the vagaries of other people – I feel for you! But you are right – you do what you can then shut the office door and leave it all there! Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday and I hope to see some more of your fantastic art work on display soon! xoxo

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