Getting there :-)

Being Human

Hello friends!

I hope life is treating you well, I am fine.  One deadline achieved and the second one will be achieved by Friday of this week 🙂

So my first deadline, which I achieved a few days ago, was my secret project. Now it’s time to start telling you about what I’ve been working on and the image above is a little sample for you.

Early in July I was contacted by Dr Amy Johnson a psychologist and life coach from America who asked me if I would illustrate her second book.  Her first book is called Modern Enlightenment. After checking out Amy’s website I soon realised that I loved the things she wrote and decided to follow up her enquiry.  As soon as I spoke to Amy I knew I had met a genuine and authentic person and I agreed to do the artwork for her new book Being Human.  It will be available to buy before Christmas this year 🙂

I can’t tell you how honoured and excited I am to be a small part of this wonderful book.  In order to illustrate the quotes I have read several extracts from the book and it has been a fantastic journey for me.  To make sure we were both safe with regard to copyright issues I decided not to use magazine images for the collage elements and I used mainly my own photographs, some photographs of Amy’s family and a couple of images that are in the public domain.

Prior to this my artistic process had been to make the art and then find a quote to compliment it.  But for the book I had to start with the quotes Amy provided and then make my artwork fit them. It’s been a challenge and a huge amount of fun.

Amy is very wise and writes in a way that is easy to understand and take on board.  The whole experience has improved the quality of my life and Amy has been a joy to work with.

If you like my art I am sure that you will love Amy’s book Being Human and I will tell you when it is available for purchase in a few weeks time.  Personally I can’t wait to read the whole book 🙂

Obviously the artwork I produced now belongs to Amy but she has given me permission to share it with you.  Above are small sections from the 8 pages I produced and in the coming weeks I will be sharing the whole pages with you.

I am so grateful to Amy (and to the Tiny Buddha website –  it was on that website that Amy first saw my work) for this wonderful opportunity.

So my next deadline is less than a week away.  Next Friday my local history group, Ryde Social Heritage Group, opens a two day exhibition of local history in a big, old abandoned church in the town.  On Saturday we spent the whole day cleaning it, and on Sunday we started to transport and set everything up.  There is still lots to do and I am beginning to feel slightly pressured, but I have the whole of the week off work and by Friday morning we will be ready for a wonderful two day event event!

I will probably miss my mid-week post again on Wednesday due to preparation for the event but I will be back next weekend 🙂

My life is really, really good right now and I truly hope yours is too.

Big love

AJ 🙂


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