Best laid plans…



Hello friends

Sorry I am out of synch with my posting again and this is also a day later than my usual midweek post, I’ll try and get back to normal soon.

OK I have to confess the plan to tidy up the art room (again) was a massive fail (again).  

When I woke up on Monday (bank holiday) it was a beautiful sunny day so decided to do something outside instead.  I find it fairly easy to find something better than tidying up my art room.

I am not really a gardener, in fact I’m not a gardener at all, but I do things like cutting the grass (occasionally), hard landscaping, building things and occassionally helping T out.

First thing on Monday morning I drove T to the local garden centre to purchase some tomato food and while we were there I noticed a lot of cyclamen plants in flower.  I said “I thought cyclamen were winter flowering plants”.   T replied, “Well ours are, or at least they were, I think you removed them all when you tidied up the woodland area of the garden recently”   Ooops!  I thought that was just dead stuff I was clearing up, he commented that it had only taken him 17 years to cultivate that patch.  I felt really bad, but he was philosophical about it and said “Well they might grow back, despite your best efforts to remove everything”!

He had previously mentioned to me that two branches of a  big Bay tree in the cemetery that were overhanging our garden, had begun to interfere with the television reception.  I hardly ever watch television so I was not aware of this.  T can’t go up ladders a) because of his dodgy leg and b) because of his vertigo so I got the ladders out, climbed up and sawed through the two branches, which (fortunately) fell onto the hedge between our garden and the cemetery.  T helped me drag them from the top of the hedge into the cemetery and then we cut them up and put the pieces into bags.

I put the bags into my ‘new’ car and drove to the local tip to dispose of the rubbish.

All of the above took up most of the day and I had just sat down, outside, on the decking to work on my art journal when T got a phone call.  I can’t go into details but he had to get to an urgent meeting in the next town in 15 minutes.  The trip normally takes 20 minutes but somehow I managed to get him there on time and then I had to hang around for a couple of hours until the meeting finished.   I didn’t really mind as I knew T was doing good work but it meant that there was no tidying of the art room and no art journaling either.

The page above is page 3 of my 5th Teesha Moore inspired journal and on this piece I was practising a different type of lettering.

That’s all for now folks, I’ve got to get on, my two deadlines are approaching fast and both at the same time and although things are going well I need to ‘keep at it’

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂




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