Seek with eyes open

Seek with Eyes Open

Hello friends

Half way through the week already and things with my projects are progressing well.

I think I may have found a car to replace my old jalopy, actually the man at the garage showed me two today, both within my price range and both reasonable looking cars.  I am going back after work on Friday to go for a drive in them to see what I think.  My old car has done me well and I have loved it, but it’s getting old and ‘crabby’ now and I want something newer, more economical and reliable, something that will last me a few years.  I’ll let you know how I get on, it will be a relief when it’s finally sorted out.

Here is another Mandala from my Circles of Wisdom Book, I am coming to the end of this book now, I think I will have to make another one, it’s very calming and relaxing drawing these circles.

Enjoy the rest of you week

Big Love

AJ 🙂




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