Breath and Relax!

Green MandalaHello friends!

OK it’s official it’s time I sorted out my art room AGAIN.  I’ve just spent two days looking for a journal I’ve been working in.  Well not two whole days because I’m out at work most of the time.  But I’d get up in the morning and look for it, come home from work and look for it, move piles of stuff around and look for it, and it couldn’t be found anywhere.  It was driving me NUTS.  I knew it was here (somewhere) and I also knew that if I was tidier I would stand more chance of knowing where things are.  Of course, once I stopped looking  I found it and just by  moving something on my desk and there it was!

So it’s on my To Do list now – Sort out Room.  Every now and again I have a go at it and if I make a concerted effort I do make some progress, but it is so difficult to stay focused on tidying up when I find so many interesting things.  You see I collect things, things I really don’t need, but things that ‘might come in useful’.  My room is full of ‘stuff’ – art stuff, local history stuff, and general life stuff.  To me it’s all fascinating and interesting and I have plans for using it in the future, but I will admit it would be better if there was some kind of order to it.  My obsessively tidy husband hates having to come into my room, he just can’t cope with the disorder and chaos!

I either need therapy or an assistant, I’m not sure which.

Today’s image is a mandala from my Circles of Wisdom book, I hope you like it 🙂

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂

1 thought on “Breath and Relax!

  1. Hey, that mandala is coool. Looks like some symbol from a temple, and “Circles of Wisdom” is certainly a suitable book title for it to belong in.

    I like to collect things too; some of which I don’t need. Like fake cardboard credit cards I receive in junk mail from an offering company. I get them pretty often, so figured why not use them in art journals or something? I showed a few of them in a post called “A Series of Art Cards” a few days ago.

    On another notion, if I don’t organize often, some goodies could go missing. For example, I was kinda sad when I couldn’t find a pack of chipboard alphas; thinking I somehow threw them out by accident, with the shopping bag. But no, it took me a couple of months to find them hidden in between a stack of folders. I hid them on purpose, though, so I wouldn’t go crazy art journaling when I was “supposed” to focus on my homework. The tactic worked, b/c I totally forgot they were there! lol. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again…

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