A completed journal :-)

Completed Journal Complete002-for-webHello friends!

At last my 6 x 6 journal is finished.  I started it in August 2011 and completed it in February 2013, of course it was not the only thing I was doing during that time, but it is always so satisfying when a project is complete.   There are some pages in this journal that I don’t really like, but the whole, completed journal is quite lovely I think.

I have one more journal with a spiral binding that I have already started but from now on I am going to use journals without the spiral binding because I don’t really like how it disects the page.  I always cut that bit out when I post them on my blog, but that ugly bit in the middle is just not attractive.  So from now on it’s going to be altered books and handmade journals, several of which are already on the go 🙂

It’s raining again here (what a surprise!) and my plans for cleaning my car and taking Mum for a walk are ‘out of the window’.  Still on the positive side other projects are progressing.  My room needs tidying up again, but I just can’t seem to find the time for that.  Yesterday I cleaned the whole house apart from my room.  There are just too many distractions here, that’s the problem!

Anyway, I hope life is treating you well and filling you with joy.

Big love

AJ 🙂

8 thoughts on “A completed journal :-)

    • Hi Barb, my workshop on 27 April is my first! So I haven’t thought about doing any more yet. I’ll have all my journals there and I will talk a little bit about altering books to make them journals and some of the ways you can make journals from scratch, but the main part of the workshop will be about making Teesha Moore inspired pages.
      Big love
      AJ 🙂

  1. Hi janete
    do you have all the pages photographed somewhere > would love to take a peek and also I have my own art retreat coming up soon and we will make little 6 x6 journal in a w/e( terrified that its too ambitious!!) I would love to show yours though.
    Would u be ok with that?
    Katie xxx

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