Be of Good Cheer!

Be of Good CheerHello friends!

It’s Sunday morning and I am trying to catch up with a load of stuff that is really overwhelming me.  What makes it worse is that my workroom is a total mess.  I REALLY need to tidy up in here, I think it is becoming a bit of a Health & Safety issue, trip hazards on the floor and surfaces covered in precarious stacks of things!  Why can’t I be ‘super tidy’ like my husband?

Anyway, even though I am surrounded by chaos and my ‘To Do’ list just grows and grows, I am still of Good Cheer today.  Yesterday T and I completed a big project (well it was big for us).  We relocated the washing machine from the kitchen to the cupboard under the stairs.   We have done a load of washing and (so far) there are no leaks!!!!  That’s stage 1 of the kitchen refurb complete…  At the moment there is a horrible big hole under the worksurface where the machine was.  We were going to put the freezer in there but it won’t fit!  Well it would fit if we forced it past the water pipes that feed the boiler but we are too worried that that will cause a leak.  Just getting the washing machine out of the space was scarey enough.  One thing we have to make sure of when we finally do the kitchen is that that space is made bigger.

I am working on a number of creative projects at the moment – several differend journals and a 16″ x 20″ canvas.

The page is above is the first page from my second Teesha inspired journal.  I LOVE this style of journaling and my collection of lovely pens is growing almost by the day.  I need to find a good way to store pens, does anyone have any ideas about that?  I like to store them flat so I need some sort of boxed racking (cheap).   I think probably I could get something at Ikea but we don’t have a store locally that I can visit.  Oh well I’m sure something will turn up.

Have a good week everyone, I’ve just been summoned to go and help measure the kitchen so we can start planning the next stage of the kitchen!

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂






7 thoughts on “Be of Good Cheer!

  1. Love your journaling style it looks like you’ve mixed a little bit of all the classes we did at COTWS and added a little of your own flavour too 🙂 Fabulous xxx

  2. Hi Janette, if you are looking for cheap and cheerful pen storage that lives on your desk I have seen lengths of drainpipe used – you can hot glue them together so they stack on top of each other and the pens can all lay flat. The advantage is you can use different widths of pipe depending on how manu pens you want to keep in each cubby hole, and just keep on adding more pipes as you ‘invest’ in more pens!

    • Siobhan! What a fabulous idea, I’m going to do it 🙂 I especially love it because I can use up some of the plastic pipe we have left over from our plumbing venture. Thank you so much! Big love AJ 🙂

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